Rebecca Martinson, Sorority Email Legend, Gets Job Offer

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Sat, Apr 27 - 5:49 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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Rebecca Martinson, who has become famous after her colorful sorority email got leaked, just got a job offer from This gig includes a $10k bonus to begin with — and a lot more money after that. I think this is great news!

Check out the 11 Rebecca Martinson pics below to see more of this sexy former sorority girl for the Maryland Terrapins.

I thought it was bogus when she was forced out of her sorority. Sure she vile within that email — but it was obviously at least partially sarcastic in nature. Plus, she obviously loved her sorority. And, besides, it was really well written. The C-word punt line was an instant classic.

Let’s hope that the job offers keep rolling in. I would love to watch the Rebecca Martinson Show where she tells it like it is without fear of reprocussions from PC police. She’d come up with some masterful ish!

Here are the 11 Rebecca Martinson photos. Don’t forget to click “Next” in order to see all 11 images.


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