Hero Charles Ramsey Rescued Amanda Berry

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Mon, May 6 - 9:41 pm EDT | 1 year ago by
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Tonight, Charles Ramsey is rightfully being called a hero. He is the man in Cleveland, Ohio who heard screams and had the courage to go investigate. What he found has shocked the world. Charles Ramsey rescued Amanda Berry to end a kidnapping saga that had dragged out over ten years.

In his interviews after his heroic act, he has been quite funny. He has a great sense of humor and doesn’t come across as trying to take a lot of credit for his action. He’s humble — yet we can’t understate the fact that none of this happens if he ignores the screams.

Thank you, Charles Ramsey. You are now an inspiration for people who might otherwise look away when hearing cries for help.

Here are 11 Charles Ramsey pictures — including a hilarious GIF at the end:

Charles Ramsey Pictures

Charles Ramsey Pictures
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