Should the Dodgers Fire Don Mattingly?

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Tue, May 21 - 1:56 am EDT | 2 years ago by
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The Los Angeles Dodgers have spent a ton of money rebuilding their team. However, 43 games into the 2013 season, the Dodgers stand at just 18-25, which is last in the NL West. Something has to give; Los Angeles isn’t going to live with a loser for long after shelling out all that cash.

The man on the hot seat is manager Don Mattingly. Should the Dodgers fire him?

I say no. Considering the circumstances, patience is needed right now. First of all, injuries have played a huge role in the slow start. Zach Greinke, the team’s best pitcher, has missed all but three games. Hanley Ramirez, a potential spark plug for the offense, has only played in four games.

Should Don Mattingly be fired? (Image:

Should Don Mattingly be fired? (Image:

Then there are slumping stars. Matt Kemp has only two homers in 165 at-bats. Andre Ethier only has four dingers. These are players who hit a combined 43 bombs last season. They will get going eventually and it isn’t Mattingly’s fault they are slumping at the same time.

The Dodgers need to give it at least another month or two. If L.A. is still in last place, then perhaps make a move. Today, though, is much too soon.

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