Megyn Kelly is a Bully with an Agenda

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Sun, Jun 2 - 2:36 am EDT | 2 years ago by
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Fox News host Megyn Kelly went on a rampage against Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs on Friday over the idea of female breadwinners. Erickson, editor for, and Dobbs, a fellow Fox News host, argued that families with sole women breadwinners are weaker and more prone to problems than those with a male working and a women taking care of the house.

The three were discussing a Pew study that found that 40 percent of families have women responsible for bringing home the bacon. Erickson, much to Kelly’s chagrin, argued that this study showed signs of a negative trend forming. He pointed out that, biologically speaking, men generally assume the dominant role, and that males and females interact in a complementary way, both leveraging their strengths for the survival of the family.

This notion enraged Kelly, who was not deterred when Erickson pointed out that three-quarters of those polled in the survey agreed with his view. Kelly claimed that Erickson’s interpretation of the study was offensive, flippantly asking Erickson, “Who died and made you scientist-in-chief?” She also ripped apart a follow-up piece that Erickson wrote for an appearance on Dobbs’ show.

Dobbs didn’t escape Kelly’s wrath either. When Dobbs blamed the high divorce rate on working mothers who spent too much time away from the family, Kelly wouldn’t even let him finish the thought. In keeping with her newfound bully status, Kelly aggressively asked, “Why are you attributing that to women in the work force?” She then turned her attention to a blog post Erickson wrote, picking out quote that she could refute with studies of her own.

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Since Kelly is a working mother herself with two kids at home, perhaps this issue hit too close to home. That would explain her livid response to Erickson’s inoffensive suggestion that men and women should work together for the best of their families, a claim that most people seem to agree with. I fear for the next guest on Megyn Kelly’s show that actually says something remotely offensive, because they probably won’t leave the set alive.

Someone get the catnip.

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