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Yankees Fan Matt Fortese Seriously Injured at Camden Yards

A 25-year-old Yankees fan is fighting for his life after a terrible incident with Orioles fans at Camden Yards. Matt Fortese was harassed by two home fans, had beer thrown on him and then got sucker punched. He then fell approximately six feet to a cement slab and nearly died on the spot.

Check out the 9 Matt Fortese photos to see the Yankees fan who was almost killed for rooting for the wrong team.

Michael Bell and Gregory Fleischman have been fingered as the two Orioles fans and they’ve each been charged with assault. It’s amazing that these two alleged idiots could take a baseball game this seriously.

As for the Yankees fan, he wasn’t breathing after he hit the concrete. He was unconscious and bleeding from multiple orifices. He’s still in critical condition in a local hospital. Let’s hope he pulls through.

Here are the 9 pictures. Be sure to click “Next” to see all nine.

Matt Fortese Pictures

Matt Fortese Pictures
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  • Pam

    How can you say he was nearly killed for “rooting for the wrong team” with the Os were playing the Nationals that night?