19 Twitter Gangsters Who Say They Will Kill George Zimmerman

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Mon, Jul 15 - 1:00 pm EST | 8 months ago by
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I understand being emotional about the Trayvon Martin murder case, however there should be a limit to your outrage. Tweeting your intention to kill George Zimmerman is just stupid. However, that’s exactly what these 19 Twitter gangsters did.

As an American, we need to trust in our justice system. The dude was found not guilty. Sure, he was in the wrong for what he did but the laws of the land couldn’t convict him. End of story. Threatening to kill him is not only dumb, it’s dangerous and will probably get you put onto some FBI, CIA or NSA list.

Without further ado, I present to you 19 internet tough guys who say they are going to find George Zimmerman and kill him. Click “Next” to see them all!

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  • Jamaal

    These cats are brave for saying that. Respect!

    • Willie

      Brave, eh.. maybe. Stupid, for sure.

    • MRW55

      Brave my ass. They know damn well they won’t do anything.
      People who talk sh!t never do.
      Krogers58 is right.

    • ucs75

      Those were cats? Holy crap!!! Animals are using keyboards now… RUN!!!!!!!!

  • James Campbell-Laing

    Stupid of u to publish this, what if someone reports this an u get these guys jailed, there just angry about an unjust verdict like the rest of us

    • FedupwithFed

      It was on Twitter… Other than FB, and Google, twitter is the 3rd most infested with NSA cointelpro agents.

    • Jacob Hill

      You think the NSA agents care about empty threats against someone who they don’t care about.

    • ucs75

      More accurately, they’re angry about a just verdict, and a manufactured racist circus. Self-defense is self-defense. Martin attacked a man, beating his head repeatedly. The man screamed for help before, as a last resort, defending himself with his weapon. (Which he had, up until that point, kept concealed / put away).

  • Tex

    A bunch of undomesticated wild animals.

  • Jessie

    Everybody talks big behind the keyboard.

  • krogers58

    Beware the dog that does not bark……..

  • 2nobetter

    Can’t fix stupid……If they were to do this, it would then be considered a hate crime…..FKN idiots!

  • Kiesha Audrey

    I WILL kill George Zimmerman. Mark my words. fat son of a bitch

  • KGZ


  • KGZ

    Zimmerman must and shall die

    • ucs75

      Yeah….age eventually gets us all.

      Apparently maturity or intellect missed you though.

  • hmm

    Interesting this site won’t post all the racist tweets about Trayvon deserving die and calling him a nigger…hmm

    • Deb Williams

      Exactly! Don’t act like there isn’t just as much hate talk coming from the other side. Don’t act like whites don’t make death threats.. I’ve read plenty of them online.

    • Alwuhush

      Take a look at Martin’s Twitter account if you are upset about the “N” word being used to describe him.
      He called HIMSELF by that name.

    • ucs75

      In the sense that he was wholly responsible for the actions causing his death, he did. That’s not racism, it’s fact.

      Decisions and actions have no race or color.

  • Didi Zokora

    Zimmerman will shot these fucks as well :)

  • WhoCaresNEMore

    Who gives a rats ass that kid died! People die every single day, it’s life, get over it!

  • SuzieQ12

    Wouldn’t you defend yourself if your life was threatened?

    • Dan Wild

      Yes, but I would also stay in my car if the police asked me to.

    • ucs75

      Of course, if the suspicious individual eluded the police and later killed someone in your neighborhood, they would take no responsibility. In fact, if they showed up and said “well, we don’t see him here. where did he go?” and you couldn’t say because you staying in your car (as requested by someone with no authority to tell you to). They’d leave after a cursory glance. Crime and death later ensue.

      Good for you. You stayed and did the least possible.

      Zimmerman, did not provoke a fight, he simply kept a visual on the suspect. Martin, on the other hand, indicated to his girlfriend that he thought a gay white-guy was following him, before brutally assaulting him.

      Do you also blame women for being raped because they look sexy?

    • Dan Wild

      No legal authority, perhaps, but I’d like to think in this sort of situation the police have a leg up as far as how to handle the situation. To leave after a cursory glance, however, would constitute proof against that hypothesis. I would certainly hope that not to be the case. Has this happened to you in the past?

      At any rate, if you would go against the advice of a professional, then you should be prepared to face the consequences (not to suggest that Zimmerman was not). There are a variety of reasons Lincoln warned against vigilantism — this situation being one of them.

      Also, I have no idea why you would accuse me of blaming rape victims. I don’t follow your logic.

    • ucs75

      I’ve personally been pinned down by gunfire at night, waiting about an hour for the police to show up. The perps left when lights approached, only a couple cruisers showed up (in an area with infra-red air support available), and no attempt to track or investige was done. Instead, they arrested another group on the other side of the hill for underage drinking.

      My wife’s neighbors were brutally raped and murdered in a home invasion. Again, over an hour for the police to show up after being tipped off. Too late to do any good.

      I’ve had enough experience with police to know that by and large, they do their best, but if you bet your life on them, you’re dead.

      Sufficient study will show you that this happens all the time, and that legally, the police have no responsibility. The courts have repeatedly upheld that position. Their power, however, is derived only from the consent of the people. They have no power except the power inherent in every citizen, and granted to them by the citizenry.

      This whole paternal mentality is destructive. The government is not our Daddy/Mommy. We are personally responsible for the safety of ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. That responsibility does not end with a call to 911, and a hope that they eventually show up.

      Being a vigilante, would mean tracking down and “punishing” a criminal. It would refer to things like lynchings, in lieu of a fair trial and punishment through the judicial and executive branches of government. It has absolutely nothing to do with citizen being aware and responsible in regards to their surroundings. This situation has absolutely nothing to do with vigilantism, and to blindly follow the advice of “professionals” is a sure way to fail in life.

      Given the circumstances, it was absolutely reasonable and responsible for Mr. Zimmerman to follow and report on the strange person going through the neighborhood at night that was checking out houses.

      Your reasoning consists of “I’d like to think”. Good for you, but I’d rather deal in facts. The fact is, that he [Mr. Zimmerman] did nothing illegal, immoral, or irresponsible in regards to the subject at hand. He accepted responsibility for his own safety in continuing to follow the suspect after the disclaimer from dispatch. He chose to potentially place himself in harms way in order to protect the lives of others in his community. However, at no point was he the aggressor, he simply tailed and attempted to maintain visual contact while relaying information to 911. That is not illegal. There was only one attacker — ONLY Trayvon’s actions were illegal. You can’t blame a man for BEING attacked. Nor can you blame him for defending himself after being attacked.

  • Alwuhush

    Where were these heroes of justice when two black kids tried to rob a white gal and then shot her baby in the face in cold blood, right in front of her, killing the kid?
    Remember that incident?
    I do. Frankly, I think that crime was far more horrific than the Martin/Zimmerman case but it barely got mentioned by the press and zero threats to kill the black kids who were such animals they would shoot a baby in the head just to shoot a baby in the head.

    • Brandon

      Because they actually went to jail and will proceed to get raped for the rest of their lives? Stop making it about race when it isn’t.

  • StalkingGeorgeZimmerman

    I won’t kill George Zimmerman if I see him, I’ll just follow him with my hollow tip loaded Walther p22 and my hollow tip loaded HK .40 USP. If he lays a hand on me though, THAT’S when I’ll kill George Zimmerman!

    • ucs75

      Obsessed much? You created a screen name just to feed your sickness?

  • Love_not_war

    Why isn’t there this outrage over the blacks killing other blacks every single day? Check out the murder rates in Chicago or Detroit and the numbers and the breakdown.. Thousands of black men die..from other blank men killing them,..yet no outrage about that? Maybe instead of spouting his bs. Obama needs to fix the problems of his race before blaming whites for the black mans problems in every day life. Fact is we do commit the most crimes and jails are mostly blacks in any major jail. Keepin it real.

  • Tooter

    This whole “Justice for Trayvon” thing is going to start a war between the Blacks & Hispanics.

    • ucs75

      Trayvon already received justice. He brutally attacked man, and was killed in self-defense. By definition, he received justice.

      They want unjust retaliation.

  • ucs75

    “Sure, he was in the wrong for what he did but the laws of the land couldn’t convict him.”

    In no action that night was he wrong. He kept an eye on the suspicious individual in his neighborhood, notified the police, and maintained visual contact until they could arrive. He responsibly carried his weapon. He did not brandish it, or threaten anyone. When he was attacked and having serious head trauma inflicted, he cried for help. As a last resort, he defended his life with his weapon.

    The author of this short blurb is clearly an idiot.

  • tomdoe

    I’m surprise he isn’t dead yet and when he does end up murdered who ever done it will be a super star!!! can’t wait to hear the good news that George Zimmerman was found dead :)