Carlos Vigil Commits Suicide After Bullying

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Tue, Jul 16 - 11:46 pm EST | 3 years ago by
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Our condolences go out to the family of Carlos Vigil of Valencia County, New Mexico. This 17-year-old teen was the victim of repeated bullying by his schoolmates. They teased him for being gay, for wearing glasses and for having acne, but he had endured their taunts for years. Finally, something pushed him to the breaking point and he decided to kill himself.

(Check out the 6 pictures below of Carlos Vigil, who left us much too soon.)

Just before he died, he posted a tragic letter on his Twitter account. In the letter, he resigned himself to what the bullies had told him, calling himself “a loser, a freak, and a [homosexual]“. He signed off with: “I’m free now. Xoxo. Carlos.”

Ironically, his father had recently returned from a trip to North Carolina where he had participated in lobbying a bill that would deter bullying among schoolchildren. After his suicide attempt, the teen had been on life support but the doctors were unable to save him. Early this morning, he was taken off life support. R.I.P.

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Carlos Vigil

Carlos Vigil
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