Wow! Check the Engagement Ring DJ Khaled Bought for Nicki Minaj

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Thu, Jul 25 - 6:12 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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Even though DJ Khaled is chubby and Nicki Minaj might be the hottest chick in the land, this $500,000 engagement ring might be enough to convince her to marry him. If you haven’t heard, his proposal was via MTV and sent to a worldwide audience. Will she say Yes? I don’t know a girl alive who could turn down that ring.

Scroll down to see 6 pictures of the engagement ring being offered to Nicki Minaj. That thing is a monstrosity!

Honestly, I didn’t even know these two were dating. But I like DJ Khaled’s approach. In private with a small ring, she’d probably say No. But he has a chance now that he used his life savings and broadcast his proposal to the world.

Here are the images — click “Next” to see all six shots of this stunning piece of jewelry:

Engagement Ring for Nicki Minaj

Engagement Ring for Nicki Minaj
Picture 1 of 6

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