Racist Cops Arrest 2 Chainz for Exercising American Rights

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Thu, Aug 22 - 5:13 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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I don’t know if the police in Oklahoma City are racists, Nazis or simply don’t understand how America works but something is definitely wrong. While I’m no fan of 2 Chainz, what they did to the rapper is absolutely despicable and 100% against the laws of our land.

If you haven’t heard, the 2 Chainz tour bus got pulled over in OKC. The cops said they wanted to search it. The driver of the bus didn’t comply and instead locked the door. The police persisted and the driver responded by asking for a search warrant.

The boys in blue apparently decided this incident was a good use of taxpayers’ money and continued on. They waited until the morning until they were able to obtain the search warrant.

Everything to this point is fine.

But this is where the police crossed the line: The cops arrested 11 of the passengers in the van including 2 Chainz. Why? They claim these individual interfered with police work.

That’s makes absolutely no sense. Police are now arresting people simply because they decide to exercise their rights as American citizens? Absurd.

I hope these Nazi-acting racist pigs get fired.

2 chains mugshot

(source: tmz.com)

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