Shut Up, Ichiro Suzuki Does NOT Have 4,000 Hits

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Thu, Aug 22 - 3:19 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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Everyone in the national media is talking about how impressive it is that Ichiro Suzuki just recorded his 4,000th hit. One problem: He doesn’t have 4,000 hits. I’m tired of hearing this B.S. and it needs to stop. Of the supposed 4,000, a huge portion – 1,278 hits, to be exact — took place in that glorified minor leagues outfit they have other there in Japan.

Ichiro has 2,722 hits. That’s the beginning and end to the story. Since when have we ever added Japanese totals to the stats we keep here in America? I’ll answer that question: Never. Not once.

If you want to go down this slope, be warned that it’s very slippery. Sadaharu Oh had 868 career home runs over there in Japan. Is he suddenly now the Major League Baseball home run king? If you’re opening that can of worms for Ichiro’s sake, you have to keep it open for Sadaharu Oh.

Ichiro was a very good player for a slap hitter. In his day, he was a definite All-Star. But let’s not go overboard and start combining stats from separate leagues in an attempt to boost his legacy.

Congrats on your 2,722 hits — but that’s all you have.


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