EveryDad: Ranting about Windows 8

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My favorite computer got stolen. So a few months back, my wife bought me a new laptop for my birthday… awesome gift — or so I thought. It has everything that I need — and something that I don’t. Freakin’ Windows 8.

Who invented this? It’s horrific.

All of a sudden everything that I could do so easily on my old computer is a huge chore. There’s some basic shit that I haven’t figured out in three months — three months. I find myself breaking out my old Toshiba armed with Windows Vista when I really want to get something done.

Who’s with me? Or should I just say who isn’t?

Everybody hates Windows 8, right? Unless you have a touchscreen laptop/PC then this just freakin’ sucks.

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I guess the positive side is this — I used to be tethered to my old computer in the evenings when I was home. I barely looked up from the screen from dinnertime to bedtime. Now? I am spending a lot more time with my kids because I hate, hate, hate Windows 8.

Speaking of my kids, it’s time for today’s TV pick.

EveryDad TV Pick of the Day: Reading Rainbow

Here’s a classic program that is sure to give you a nostalgia-gasm. Reading Rainbow, starring LeVar Burton of Star Trek fame, doesn’t try to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Instead, it treats kids like intelligent little adults, exposing them to the world in a way that makes big topics easily digestible by their young minds. It also, as the name suggests, encourages them to read books, which is always a good thing. As a dad, Reading Rainbow is interesting to watch if only to see how far we’ve come from the 80s when TV production is concerned. Either way, you’ll probably learn something new alongside your child.

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