Worst First Date Venues

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There are the best places for a first date, and there are the worst places for a first date. While you are racking your brain out trying to come up with the perfect situation what will make you come off like a boss, make sure to avoid the following list of pit traps for that very first encounter. These should be saved for a later date.

Bad date
Source: eharmony.co.uk

A Super High-End Restaurant. Although dinners in general can be a risky first date, in that it leaves a lot of pressure for one-on-one conversation where your sole attention is just on each other (as opposed to, let’s say, mini-golf where there are other things to distract you and take the pressure off), they’re still not a super bad option. However, trying to impress her at a 5-star Michelin-rated restaurant that perhaps you’ve never even dined at before nor know how to navigate the menu is just bad news bears. Being in such a fancy setting quadruples the amount of pressure because on top of being on a first date, dining etiquette and not looking stupid in front of the waitstaff is also in order. Bad move. Don’t do it.

A Family Function. This is by far the most horrible idea for a first date. Where do I start?! First of all, families judge like crazy. So basically, you will be subjecting your date to scrutiny while allowing your family to pass judgment – not only on her – but on yourself for bringing that person. While a family function/reunion/dinner may seem like a friendly place, it is actually considered “enemy territory” for your date – especially for someone brand spanking new in your life. The date no longer becomes a “getting to know you” activity and instead turns into a “don’t fuck up and try to impress” pressure cooker for her. On the flipside, maybe your family is embarrassing and might turn her off. You need to ease people into blood – that’s just the way it is. Bad move. Don’t do it.

A Movie. Another horrible first date option. No room for chatting and instead just sitting there enjoying silence while watching a movie. And hand bumps in the popcorn bag will be super awkward with someone you don’t even know. The point of the first date is getting to know each other. Won’t be much of that if you two are too engaged with the action and storyline on the big screen for 2 ½ hours. Also, if you try to squeeze in some witty chatter during conversation scenes, you will irritate the moviegoers around you. Bad move. Don’t do it.

A Nightclub. I suppose this isn’t a bad option for a first date if you think your date is DTF. However, from the perspective that you are actually trying to learn more about her, taking her to a club is probably a bad idea. Firstly, you’ll end up drinking a lot. Secondly, music is way too loud for any type of meaningful conversation and you’ll have to resort to dancing. Thirdly, if you are not a good dancer, this will be a major turn-off and bad first impression. Fourthly, you risk getting too drunk and maybe doing things you could possibly regret. If she sleeps with you too soon, you might not respect her like a real girlfriend. Or, if you do something outrageously stupid while inebriated, you may never hear from her again. Bad move. Don’t do it.

A Night In. Besides being a shady suggestion by a guy for a first date (i.e. you only want one thing, you are poor or cheap, etc.), from a guy’s perspective, it’s probably not the greatest idea, either. A total stranger in your apartment in a date setting is just awkward. There’s no scene or boisterous ambiance to fill the uncomfortable silences and other than the grand tour and dinner in your dining room, pretty much your only other options are movies on the couch, board games, a round of poker, video games, or the bedroom tango. Bad move. Don’t do it.

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