6. “Aneurysm” by Bleach – Top 10 Worst Nirvana Covers

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Thu, Oct 31 - 10:19 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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What a gross cover of a brilliant hard song. “Aneurysm” was granted to us by Nirvana and then ruined by Bleach.

Nirvana was a power house of heavy, distorted riffs that melt brains but these guys have turned it into a shit stew of oddly effected guitars. And their little music video to go along with it is a cute touch. The lead singer sounds like he is on the verge of laughing every time he sings, it gets on every one of my nerves.

There is no decent quality in this song except for the drums were done okay. And maybe the guitars don’t sound that bad, but it is still pretty horrible.

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