#7. “Frances Farmer” by Scott Weiland Band – 10 Worst Nirvana Covers

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Thu, Oct 31 - 8:33 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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At No. 7 in the EveryJoe countdown of the top 10 worst Nirvana covers in the history of man is this “Frances Farmer” cover by Scott Weiland Band. I’ve never heard of this group but they are terrible. They can’t do one thing about this song right except for the stupidly done visual representation that makes it look like one big joke.

It’s hilarious, though, the crowd gets really pumped for a Nirvana song only for these guys to pull out a song that is not well known. They could’ve gone for a surefire crowd pleaser but I bet they chose this song because they thought they wouldn’t piss off us hard core fans… but they were wrong.

Picking an obscure song like this is worse because even these songs get tainted by their pathetic attempts.

Here’s the video so you can squirm:

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