#2. “Lithium” by Joseph Gordon-Levitt – 10 Worst Nirvana Covers

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Thu, Oct 31 - 11:50 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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Why did Joseph Gordon-Levitt have to go and ruin a perfectly good Nirvana song? Stick to acting you little punk, instead of turning this song into a crap fest. How embarrassing. At least get some gravel and deep tones to your voice before you try and attempt a song like this.

Some band’s music is untouchable and I feel like Nirvana is still untouchable. I think they will be fine to cover in probably ten more years. Damn, Gordon-Levitt’s voice gets more annoying as this video progresses so turn it down unless you want a splitting head ache.

I’ll admit it though, he did have some encouraging words said about Kurt Cobain.

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