Rosie O’Donnell Voted Scariest Female Celebrity

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Thu, Oct 31 - 9:38 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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In honor of Halloween, let’s talk about the scariest female celebs. Many people these days would put Miley Cyrus up top… but you all know deep down that she’s hot. So who are the really scary ones? Pornhub has the answers.

The statisticians at, the premier online destination for adult entertainment, have taken to one of their world famous surveys to see who America sees as the scariest celebrity to ever walk among us regular folk.

Who topped the chart? Rosie O’Donnell secured 29% (632) of the votes.

National Women's History Museum honors Fran Drescher and Rita Moreno
Source: FayesVision/

The rest of the top vote-getters include:

2. Donatella Versace (14%, 313 votes)

3. Sarah Jessica Parker (13%, 291 votes)

4. Kelly Osbourne (13%, 286 votes)

5. Whoopi Goldberg (13%, 286 votes)

6. Janice Dickinson (11%, 239 votes)

7. Rebel Wilson (4%, 88 votes)

8. Jocelyn Wildenstein (2%, 51 votes)

9. Amanda Lepore (1%, 23 votes)

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