Why Obamacare Will Lead to a Drop in the Number of Quality Doctors

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Thu, Oct 31 - 10:24 pm EDT | 2 years ago by
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Obamacare’s mission is to provide every American with health insurance coverage. That means that a vast number of people that avoided the doctor’s office in the past will now have the ability to be seen for their illnesses. This, in and of itself, is not a bad thing, as everybody should be able to see a doctor without going bankrupt. However, Obamacare’s outrageously awful approach to providing healthcare for all will have painful effects on the quality of the healthcare we all receive.

A study has been published that shows that by 2025, America will need almost 52,000 more primary-care physicians, 8,000 of which will be necessary because of Obamacare. This comes at a time when many current doctors are leaving the profession or retiring early thanks to increasing government input in their profession and shrinking paychecks. When the mood among doctors about practicing medicine is so grim, less students will take the arduous path of med school and instead choose a field that has more promising prospects.

When healthcare demand outstrips the supply, we will see longer wait times at doctor’s offices, less individual time with our doctors, fewer doctors to choose from in our area, and worse care overall. The government has made medicine an unappealing field to go into in its attempt to provide medical care for everyone… it’s just another example of how government involvement is often worse than the government doing nothing.

Thanks, Obama.

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