Ashton Kutcher Has Knocked Up Mila Kunis

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Mon, Mar 24 - 10:41 am EDT | 2 years ago by
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Back when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were just Kelso and Jackie on That 70s Show, their undeniable chemistry was one reason why viewers tuned in to the show. They just seemed like a real couple and now, years later, they are. Fans were already thrilled when news of their engagement spread but now there is even more reason to celebrate – they are expecting! A friend of the couple says that “they are both very, very happy. It’s still early.”

The Two and a Half Men star began dating the actress back in 2012 after he split from ex-wife, Demi Moore. At least one source claims, though, that Kutcher has had feelings for Kunis since they met back in 1998 and said: “He was so in love with [Mila] for a while when they worked together. He thought she was a goddess, was always talking about how beautiful she is.”

Over the weekend, Kutcher, 36, and Kunis, 30, were targeted by the Kiss Cam while attending a Clippers game in Los Angeles. Here’s a video:

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