Former NSA Goon Dealing with Scandal

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John Schindler

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Considering he once worked for the NSA and is an ardent defender of the spy agency, it’s next to impossible to feel sorry for John Schindler. After explicit pictures leaked online, he has responded to the scandal by deleting all of his social networking pages.

If you want to see what found its way online, scroll through the gallery above.  You get to see Mr. Schindler and his alleged penis, in addition to other footage and supposed conversations that leaked uncensored on Twitter. Making things worse, this current college professor is married. Worst of all, he apparently trashed the wife in messages to his mistresses and now his rich wife has also vanished from social media as well.

On Gawker, you can see grabs from his blog that attempt to explain why he has disappeared from the internet. He first went with a long, rambling explanation. He then edited it to simply point the finger at his personal life.

Hopefully, John now understands why we don’t want the government up in our business. It’s annoying to have personal information available to others, doesn’t it? Well, think of that the next time you defend NSA for their unconstitutional behavior, shorty.

If he gets divorced or otherwise kicked to the curb, maybe he can start dating the dazzling former girlfriend of Eric Snowden. Eh, maybe not.

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