10 Cool Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Being Beardless

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Brought to you by Schick® Quattro®

Being beardless is underrated. Here are ten reasons why shaving off that mountain man beard could be the best decision you make all summer. Check out this video from Schick® Quattro® to learn why real guys shave.

1. 70% of women prefer guys to be clean-shaven. (Mental Floss)

2. Guys who shave regularly (5 times a week or more) have twice as much sex (15.5 times vs. 7.8 times per month) than bearded guys. (Schick Skin-dex.)

3. No president in the last 100 years has worn facial hair while in office. (New York Magazine)

4. Clean-shaven guys get promoted. Bearded guys don’t. (Steve Tobak’s article for CBS News ‘Want a great job? Then shave.’)

5. Shaving increases a swimmer’s distance per stroke by approximately 5%. (Swimming Science)

6. 89% of guys who shave regularly are happier and 76% more likely to report that they are living their dreams. (Schick Skin-dex Survey)

7. Beards are often an indicator that you’re lost and taking some time out.

8. Children find them scratchy and a little scary.

9. 91% of men who shave regularly are more satisfied with their lives (Schick Skin-dex Survey)

10. Guess which nation invented the safety razor? That’s right. The land of the free, home of the shaved.

Join the #UnitedWeShave conversation to share why you shave.

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