Liberals and the Mass Neurosis of Political Correctness

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The Wright Perspective - Liberty

Tyranny is the default state of mankind.

From the first primitive tribes under the paternal leadership of their elders to the most decadent years of the Pharaohs of Egypt or the God-Kings of Babylon, the Emperors of Rome or of Japan, the default assumption was that the great men were ordained by heaven to rule over the lesser men, allegedly for their own good. The idea that men were unequal, not just in wealth and rank, but in their innate, inner worth, their spiritual worth, is universal and worldwide.

Only with the coming of Christendom is a new concept introduced into human history: the concept of individualism, of equality. Christian princes held a higher rank than a pauper, but both knew that both would be naked on Judgment Day. Both knew that Saint Louis was no more nor less a saint than Saint Francis, albeit one was a prince and the other a pauper; both knew the laws of God applied equally to both. This concept was clarified and refined through the ages until, in America, a second new concept was introduced into human history, the concept of the people acting as their own prince, acting without a prince, merely with the law as their leader, and the state would be ordained by men, not by heaven, to act only in a limited sphere. It was an ideal of a small and limited government ruled by rules rather than by princes.

The mass neurosis called Political Correctness (sometimes called Leftism or Liberalism or Progressivism or Morlockery) is the old days back again. It is the old system of government we had in the Stone Ages, where the tribal chief acted as father and priest and god-king, and in his expert wisdom, decided each detail of anything that concerned the tribe. Political Correctness is the old corrupt system of the Pharaohs and Tyrants and Sultans of the East, unlimited government, government by courtiers, government by cronies, government in every nook and smallest crevasse of life.

It is the claim that we have persons who have an innate and inner superiority to us. By happy coincidence, our superiors happen to be them, the very people who lust over power over us and over each last tiny details of our lives and thought.

Unlike the princes of old, the would-be Pharaohs do not claim that the gods or the karma of the universe ordains them: they merely claim to be wiser and better than you on the grounds that… well… on the grounds that Political Correctness has impeded their thought and uprooted their normal senses of shame and decency.

They claim to be smarter than the common man on the grounds that they think all thinking is vain. They claim to be more moral than the common man on the ground that they support untruth and all dishonesty, theft and all fraud, sodomy and all sexual perversion.

Political Correctness can be identified by two recurring patterns of behavior:

First, the cultists do not mean what civilized men mean by ‘correctness’. We mean something is ‘correct’ when it comports with reality, that is it agrees with truth, virtue, beauty, logic, love or fidelity. Reality is not a Morlockian concern. The Morlocks are concerned with what the cult says is correct. For them, ‘correct’ means obedience. ‘Correct’ means agreeing with Big Brother, even when he changes his mind on a dime or flatly contradicts himself.

This means they always side with falsehood over truth.

Second, the cultists do not mean what civilized men mean by ‘politics.’ We mean the art and practice of creating and sustaining policies, laws and customs prudently calculated to secure both the public weal and personal rights, namely to life and liberty and property. By our definition, politics is concerned with measures of peace and war, public decency, keeping the peace, deterring crime, securing to each man the rights to the fruits of his labor, and so on. Everything outside this sphere (and it is most of life) is personal, including how you should brush your teeth and whom you should marry.

For politics properly so called is not a Morlock concern. They have no interest in laws and customs except to destroy them. Their interest is in a theoretical polity whose leader, Big Brother, a creature of godlike benevolence and infinite wisdom, will intrude into all aspects of life down to the least unspoken thought. By his expert wisdom, Big Brother will decree an end to all human suffering, and, while he is at it, decree an end to all human limitations, rules, limits and the law of cause and effect.

The rights of man are no concern of the Big Brother, but instead impede and hinder the rapid execution of his benevolent and always-perfect wisdom. Precedent is no more than the dead hand of the past strangling the brilliant innovations of Big Brother, and likewise can be done away with. Equality is an illusion, since inequality is the outcome of equal laws, equal laws must be done away with as well, so that each man stands, rightless and naked, protected by no precedence, before the unlimited power of Big Brother. Law is abolished, and each man is judged only by his race, his class, his party loyalty, not on the merits of his case.

Those who support this vision, whether they know it or not, whether they admit it or not, always prefer untrammeled and arbitrary power over the solemnities of the law and the bulwarks of custom.

This means they always side with tyranny over liberty.

Those who support this vision, whether they know it or not, whether they admit it or not, always prefer an unreal and impossible solution promised by an untrammeled government over the messy world of real life with its compromises and costs.

This means they always side with unreality over reality.

Instead of reality, where, for example, one may not consume a good before it is produced, Political Correctness dwells in Make Believe Land, where the thing is true if we all believe it with all our hearts, squinting our eyes and clenching our wee little fists. And if it does not come true, it is your fault for not believing in Big Brother hard enough.

Instead of politics, which is the pragmatic art of how to run a real polity, given the confines of nature of reality, the confines of our budget, and the confines of the nature of man, the Morlocks have a pseudo-religion which extends to all aspects of life and demands total conviction of the total person, his whole soul, so to speak. They call it political, but it is not.

PC says what one may and may not think: one may only think Politically Correct thoughts, since to do otherwise is bigotry and stupidity.

PC says what one may and may not say: one may not use English in its normal and proper use, but must adopt a complex and changing vocabulary of Dr. Seuss-style make believe words (cismale, heteronormative, islamophobic) which have emotional impact but no intellectual meaning.

PC says what may and may not be concluded in science. For a time, physical science was the one area of learning that was not politicized. That time is passed.

If science shows a disparity of IQ test scores between races, or a disparity in interest in math and physics between the sexes, then that result is blanked out of existence, and the cultists use the power of make believe to make believe that this cannot happen. If science fails to show a global warming trend or a global cooling trend (or whatever the trend happens to be during the current news cycle of ecological scare stories) then the scientific consensus falsifies the data, and anyone who is skeptical, that is, anyone who does real science, is denounced as a heretic or a denier or a racist.

PC says what may and may not be thought in philosophy. You are not only not allowed to believe in God, since that would be racist and patriarchal and reactionary, you are not allowed to believe in the philosophical concepts which civilized theologians and philosophers across the ages have deduced are commensurate with belief in god, those selfsame metaphysical concepts like truth, virtue, beauty, reason, love, fidelity.

The only thing better than being a reductionist materialist (this means someone who believes all thought is defined and determined by matter in motion) is to be a nihilist and hence not to believe in any metaphysical concepts at all, not to do philosophy at all, not to think at all.

Philosophy is confusing and leads to disagreements, and it is probably racist and sexist and cismasculine and heteronormative and islamophobic and doubleplusungood.

PC says what you can and cannot do with your sexual partners.

Now, since the great and single selling point of PC is that it allegedly permits everything and anything with any sexual partner of any persuasion, orientation, species, number or age, you are no doubt shocked at this bold claim this topic is one more where PC calls for strict controls.

Rest assured I am completely serious: PC merely reverses what is normal. Monogamy is not forbidden, but it is mocked and discouraged and called oppression; and virginity, chastity, continence and self-control is actively discouraged and mocked.

And we monogamists, we Catholics, those of us who say sexual reproduction is for sexual reproduction, we are demonized when we meekly ask not to be forced to pay for your harlots to kill their babies in the womb. We are not bold enough to ask your harlots not to kill their babies, nor are we asking them not to be harlots; but merely for the effrontery of asking not to fund your murderous carnal evil, we are denounced as sexists making a war on women.

Do you see how the reversal works? We want to get out of your bedroom, but you want our wallet to stay. We want to get out of your lives, and you demand we bake your wedding cake, throw you your party, rent you your hall, and participate in your evil and celebrate it, so that we are dirtied along with you.

PC says what you are supposed to believe about history, about ecology, about art, about language. It says what jokes can be said or not said. It says whether you call the year 2014 A.D. or 2014 C.E.

PC dictates your opinion on the skin color of the men who built the pyramids, or whether you may use the word ‘men’ to refer to all human beings as opposed to males only. PC says how much gas mileage your automobile should have, or the volume your flush toilet.

PC says whether you tip your hat to a lady or hold a door. It says whether you are allowed to defend yourself from an attacker based on the attacker’s skin color, but not based on whether he attacks you. PC says how much carbon monoxide can be released when a cow farts.

Wherever you are, right now, reading this, look up and look around you. Every manmade object in your immediate environment, dear reader, is one where PC has made a pronouncement or a regulation, and half the natural objects too. Everything – everything from the weather to the groundwater to the use of pronouns to the reckoning of the calendar.

Everything is supposed to be under control, so that the worthless have all their needs provided and have no responsibilities whatsoever. That is their concept and their philosophy.

Our concept is liberty. Liberty means each man is responsible for himself, and responsible to himself.

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John C. Wright is a retired attorney and newspaperman who was only once hunted by the police. He is a graduate of St. John College (home of Mortimer Adler’s “Great Books Program). In 2004 he foreswore his lifelong atheism and joined the Roman Catholic Church. He has published over 10 SF novels, including one nominated for a Nebula award, and was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “this fledgling century’s most important new SF talent.” He currently lives in fairytale-like happiness with his wife, the authoress L. Jagi Lamplighter, and their four children.

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