This Woman Was Arrested for Possessing Pee

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Tue, Jul 29 - 10:47 am EDT | 1 year ago by
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Cindy Wingo


Posing with her child

Soaking in the sun


From the back

Hard at work

Talking on phone


Stern face

A woman from Roebuck, South Carolina identified as Cindy Wingo got busted with a drug possession charge in the most ridiculous way possible. A sheriff for Spartanburg county caught her hanging around an abandoned home. After this 33-year-old consented to a search, a medicine bottle filled with urine was found.

Apparently, the urine of meth users has traces of the drug still present, so they carry around these pee bottles in order to trade for more drugs. Knowing this, the sheriff tested the urine and confirmed it contained methamphetamine. Ms. Wingo was then placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.

Everything about this story is gross. Carrying out bodily waste is disgusting in itself. The police having the knowledge to test it is evidence that this isn’t uncommon. And while I’m not sure that Cindy should have been charged with meth possession for having traces of the drug in her pee, I’m not really opposed to getting her off the streets.

If you’re carrying around the yellow stuff, you need help. Let’s hope this attractive lady gets just that before it’s too late.

Now that I think about it, this should have been a story line on Breaking Bad. And, of course, the pee would have to be blue.

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