Why Climate Change is a Defense Issue

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Lines of Departure - Global Warming

In the old Star Trek series there were, as near as I can recall and whatever delusions Gene Roddenberry may have had to the contrary, only two lines of dialogue that were in any sense profound. One of these was to the effect that having is not always as pleasing a thing as wanting. The other was that, “Survival cancels programming.”

Truth in advertising; I don’t believe in global warming or its recent cover-your-ass-by-covering-your-bases manifestation as “climate change.” Oh, I think the climate changes, all right; it always has and always will, up until the heat death of the universe. I simply doubt the integrity, veracity, intellectual rigor, and everything else about the whole warmista crew and their cobbled together pseudo-religion. I don’t approach it as a scientist, of course, less still as an intellectual, the entire selfish and dishonest class of which I utterly despise, along with their running dogs, the intelligentsia. Instead, I look at it as an experienced trial lawyer1; these are the most hysterical, least credible, most self-impeached group of witnesses I think I have ever even heard of. Indeed, when these folks used to say “global warming,” my mind always turned, automatically, to “ice age.”

“Climate change” requires
Solar output be ignored
Or lose nice funding.2


Impeached witnesses?

Great Climate Change!
For heretics, deniers,
Jail cells are waiting.



Climate change loonies
Shriek, ‘Heresy! Blasphemy!’
Whenever questioned.


Pseudo-religious lunatics?

Gathering firewood
To burn up the deniers.
We’ve seen this before.


One notes, parenthetically, that folks among whose continuous mantras is the phrase “catastrophic rise in sea levels” still seem to live close to the coast rather than moving inland to Appalachia or the Rockies. One cannot help but wonder why. Somewhat similarly, why does anybody take seriously people like Al Gore or Prince Charles, lecturing the rest of the peasantry (that’s you and me, bubba) to cut back and live simply, while having personal carbon footprints so large they might actually rival some lesser nations?


All that said, I note with amusement the cries of outrage in various right wing circles when the Pentagon announces, or is claimed to have announced, that climate change is a defense issue. Why the amusement? Because it is a defense issue, though I am skeptical that many of the denizens of the five sided puzzle-palace cum political whorehouse that is the Pentagon are thinking about it as a defense issue, except in the sense of defending senior officers’ careers. Still, the underlying logic of a recent report3 is really fairly solid, not especially politically correct, and was probably completely unread by anybody either waxing orgasmic with glee over getting the Pentagon on board with the religion of anthropogenic global warming or the folks readying pitchforks and ropes to deal with same.

Great fireball in sky,
How to explain you away
When Martian icecaps melt?


Why is it a “defense” issue? Two reasons; one is what was once called barbarian migration and the other is what the Algonquin, Iroquois, and Cherokee, to say nothing of Aztec, Inca, and Maya, probably called by some unpronounceable multi-syllabic word meaning, each in his own language, “Oh, crap, where did they come from?”

Wondrous hockey stick
Replaces Christ’s wooden cross
Comes from white noise.


Barbarian migration?4 5 Yes, civilization has been crushed several times, from the Mycenaean Bronze Age Collapse to the fall of the Roman Empire in the west, along with some ugly periods6 in Chinese history, and at least one conquest of India, all of which may have had a climactic component or may have been due entirely to changes in climate, to include changes in climate produced by volcanic eruption.7 The Hyksos in Egypt and the fall of the Minoan civilization may have been caused by that, too.

Virgin SUV
Cast into the volcano
As the faithful dance.



So if climate change has, throughout human history, set peoples in motion, fleeing the change in order to survive, wandering through and destroying civilizations in which they saw no value or held no stake, it may again. And if so, it has to be stopped at or past our borders. The experience of history – real history, not politically correct mumbo jumbo – is that not stopping a migration early means megadeaths, at the least, and, in the case of the modern world, it might well mean gigadeaths.

Of course, depending on where the change hits worst, and the nature of it, we may be the migrating barbarians. (What? We can’t be barbarians? Ask the Mexicans, some time, whose memories are as long as anyone’s, how we sometimes acted in Mexico circa 1847 to 1849.) Yes, that means a bad enough climactic catastrophe and we are going to have to move and take someone else’s homeland away from them.

Now consider the unifying factor in both of those possibilities. That’s right, one way or the other, we’re going to have to kill a whole bunch of probably Third World folks if we are to survive.

Given that, it would be wise for us to keep a very large and powerful military, right? Yes, of course, that’s right. We’ll also want the rest of the world to be as poor and weak as possible, right? Whether we’re trying to defend our homeland from them or take their homelands for ourselves, right? Correct. We’d want to keep our industry and economy going strong, right, and them as weak as possible.

So, of course, the high priests and priestesses of the religion of anthropogenic global warming are right on top of that, concerned with preserving us and… oh, screw it; I can’t write that with a straight face. No, they’re not trying to get us ready to deal with the human fallout from a disaster like that; they’re too concerned with wealth transfers to the people who are likely to be either our aggressors or our victims. Yes, as a matter of fact that does seem to imply that they’re quite concerned with weakening us and strengthening them, which would make them enemies of you and me and everyone who wants to preserve western civilization or, at least, has loved ones they’d like to keep alive and free.

Then again, maybe their intent is to have someplace pleasant to fly to, while the rest of us die. After all:

High Tranzi leeches
Attend luxury conference
Always fly first class.



1 You guys knew I was on my third career, right? Yeah, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Poet is probably not going to be it, which news, I am sure, fills you all with great sadness.

2 This and all the other haiku herein were taken from my book, Carnifex. Some are slightly modified. Remember, never bring a sonnet to a haiku fight.

3 https://www.climate.org/topics/PDF/clim_change_scenario.pdf Note, here, that carbon dioxide hardly gets a mention. Indeed, the thrust of the paper is largely on credible natural events.

4 Note: Pay little or no attention to such politically correct concepts as “Late Antiquity.” That’s just another example of the left consoling the West as they assist it in suicide. I highly recommend Bryan Ward-Perkins’ book on the subject for a thorough debunking of this PC claptrap.

5 Note: As far as Python alumnus Terry Jones’ execrable Barbarians goes, you may be very skeptical of someone playing at history, who claims that the Roman Empire’s chief advantage vis a vis the barbarians was having a professional army, while neglecting to mention – though more likely he just never learned – that most of that empire was carved out by tough, disciplined, brave, non-professional but intensely patriotic citizen-soldier militia, and mostly by beating the tar out of non-Roman professionals. In short, Jones was full of it.

6 “Ugly” can, in this case, be defined as, 20 million Chinese peasants disappearing from the census, exterminated to make room for grazing nomads’ animal herds and flocks.

7 If Yellowstone blows, we’re all pretty screwed. And it may.

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Tom Kratman is a retired infantry lieutenant colonel, recovering attorney, and science fiction and military fiction writer. His latest novel, The Rods and the Axe, is available from Amazon.com for $9.99 for the Kindle version, or $25 for the hardback. A political refugee and defector from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, he makes his home in Blacksburg, Virginia. He holds the non-exclusive military and foreign affairs portfolio for EveryJoe. Tom’s books can be ordered through baen.com.

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