10 Awesome Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers

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Beer lovers are an easy bunch to buy a present for, right? Just get ‘em a craft six-pack and you’re set. Well, you could go that route, and be just like everyone else, or you could stand out as a unique gift-giver with one of these awesome holiday presents for the beer lover in your life.

Das Boot

For those times when drinking from a glass-shaped glass isn't enough, there is Das Boot. For those times when you want to pour an entire six-pack into a single glass and then drinking it while laughing heartily and slamming your fist on a wooden table, there is Das Boot. Enjoy irresponsibly.

Source: Think Geek

The Chillsner

No one likes a warm beer – even during the winter. Enter the Chillsner, the perfect present for keeping beers chilled. You can even it drink your beer bottle right through the device! Why wasn't this invented a long, long time ago?

Source: Amazon

Beer of the Month Club Membership

As far as “of the Month Club” memberships go, this is the clear winner. There are a variety of packages available, each of which includes hard-to-find craft beers delivered right to your door. Side note: They say they've had award-winning craft beer since 1994, but let's be honest, craft beers didn't exist in 1994.

Source: Shutterstock

1001 Beers You Must Taste Before You Die

1001 is a descriptive, photo-heavy and highly readable book that will fuel your desire to try every beer on the planet. Not every beer lover is going to want to paw through a lengthy, boring book, but rest assured, this is one they'll peruse with joy.

Source: Amazon

Bottle Opener Cufflinks

These dual-purpose bottle opener cufflinks make you look like the James Bond of getting drunk as you pop top after top with nothing but a flick of the wrist. Oh, you classy bastard!

Source: Amazon

Premium Home Brew Kit

Put your favorite beer expert to the test with Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Kit. It's lightweight, shatter-resistant, includes enough ingredients for four gallons of two distinct beer types, and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

Source: Amazon

Vintage Beer Stein

Beautiful, durable and ready to dole out enormous amounts of delicious beer, German beer steins are nothing to scoff at. But where does one get a vintage stein if not in Deutschland? On Etsy, of course.

Source: Cynthia's Attic on Etsy


Ah, livin' the dream; a beer dispenser you don't have to return after you've finished cleaning up from the previous evening's party. Most beer dispensers only take a Newcastle or Heineken mini-keg, but this one opens up the possibilities for any standard 5-liter keg. Score.

Source: Amazon

Beer Brittle

Crisp, nutty, sweet, salty and hoppy, IPA Peanut Brittle is a great gourmet snack for a beer lover. And since it's made with beer (an India Pale Ale from Redwood Curtain Brewing), it goes pretty darn well with, you guessed it, beer.

Source: Boujie Baking Co.

Portable Beer Pong Table

What could be cooler than a grab 'n' go beer pong table that can be folded up on the fly? One that has an easy-clean, waterproof surface and weighs only 25 pounds. Just don't get upset if you start getting invited to parties for your beer pong table.

Source: Amazon

For more ideas, check out our holiday gift guide.

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