Forget Kim K: Each of These 31 Girls Have a Better Butt

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While everyone has been obsessed with Kim Kardashian and her gigantic backside since she managed to break the internet, the truth of the matter is that there are girls out there who have butts that are better. Yes, Kim K is gifted in that department, but she’s not at the head of her class.

I guarantee that you’ll agree with me after you see in the pictures in this gallery. By the end, you won’t even remember who Kim K is and how she broke the internet. Sorry, Kanye.

Click the right to see our rankings of the best 31 butts in the world:

31. Svetlana Sholka

30. Bruna Lima

29. Laura Gordon

28. Maria Leanna

27. Gracyanne Barbosa

26. Sandra Valencia

25. Laura Michelle

24. Paige Hathaway

23. Ola Alessa Sztaba

22. Marissa Rivero

21. Ruby Sayed

20. Svetlana Bilyalova

19. Carol Seleme

18. Eva Andressa

17. Mel Fronckowiak

16. Prudence Moe

15. Ashley Martelle

14. Jayde Nicole

13. Jessica Rafalowski

12. Steph Pacca

11. Sunamys Villalba

10. Dolly Castro

9. Brittany Perille

8. Michelle Lewin

7. Dai Macedo

6. Nicole Mejia

5. Hafii Amira

4. Linda Durbesson

3. Katy Hearn

2. Jen Selter

Click here to see naked pics of Jen Selter.

1. Caitlin Rice

Click here to see nude pictures of Caitlin Rice.




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