How Doxxers Are Making the UVA Situation Even Worse

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The much talked about Rolling Stone article detailing rape at a University of Virginia frat house has fallen apart. Unfortunately, online investigators have joined the action and have concluded that a woman named Jackie Coakley is the UVA student behind the story.

The Jackie in the Rolling Stone write-up appears to be a victim of a heinous crime. However, Ms. Coakley is now being called a liar, a criminal and worse by those witch hunters who are ready with their tar and their feathers.

The name first appeared on Twitter where it has since been tweeted and retweeted thousands of times. Her alleged identity has also hit other popular publications, so it’s impossible to undo what has been done to this woman.

But, before this woman is convicted by the internet mob, let’s take a step back and realize the ramifications of the doxxing and why it’s such a bad idea in this situation.

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