9 Best Celebrity Reddit AMAs Ever

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Informal, unofficial and out-of-the-ordinary, Reddit’s Ask Me Anything posts (AMAs) eliminate the middle-man and put fans and celebrities directly in touch with each other. And the results are glorious. Here are some of the most interesting, entertaining and straight up awesome Reddit AMA sessions ever.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Getting to know the real Arnold will show you he’s no meathead – he’s an intelligent, kind, humble guy that’s just made a few pretty bad decisions in his personal life. Both of his recent AMAs (here and here) are super entertaining and will make you want to go through his back catalogue to check out his best hits.

Source: Imgur

Bill Murray

Bill Murray is a legend for good reason. In this AMA, Murray talks about pickles, marijuana, his own awesomeness, his take on what his character said to Scarlett Johansson's at the end of Lost in Translation, and why he did Garfield (shudder).

Source: Facebook

Tenacious D

The dudes in Tenacious D couldn’t be much cooler or funnier, except of course when you get non-journalists to ask them every weird question they can possibly think of. Bet you won’t be able to finish this AMA without wanting to pop in their self-titled album.

Source: Imgur

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is kind of an irritable pain in the ass, but he’s also an interesting, funny genius. These two AMAs (here and here) are absolute must-reads for fans of anything and everything Jerry.

Source: Imgur

Robert Downey Jr.

Ahh, the highest paid actor in all of Hollywood – you’d think he’d be an aloof basket case, but no, RDJ is a real dude. His AMA is awesome. He’s got a great sense of humor, and of course, he has some tidbits of information on the future of the Iron Man and Avengers franchises.

Source: Twitter

Daniel Radcliffe

Want to hear Harry Potter talk about his favorite sandwiches? What about whether he’s a dog or cat person? Ofgoddamncourse you do. After this AMA, Daniel Radcliffe seems like he could be your best friend more than ever.

Source: Imgur

Aaron Paul

Holy crap this dude is down to earth – you can’t finish this AMA without immediately wanting to go get a beer with him. Not only that, but being a main character in one of the best television programs of all-time makes anything and everything he has to say about it worthy of gleeful over-analyzing.

Source: Imgur

Bryan Cranston

Wanna hear about the pizza on the roof shot, whether the entire show was just a ploy to get Jesse to learn chemistry, a prank he pulled on Aaron Paul, and his favorite Breaking Bad moment? After this AMA, the darkly hilarious Bryan Cranston became even more internet-cool (if that was even possible).

Source: Imgur

Barack Obama

Barack Obama is a divisive figure, to say the least, but you can’t deny that he holds it down for a hell of an AMA. The man is the first President to engage people using technology in this manner, and he has a good sense of humor, to boot. He even addresses his finest meme, the NOT BAD. Not bad.

Source: Imgur

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