Naming the Nameless: Civilized and Barbarian

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The Wright Perspective - The Left

This is the second column in a multipart discussion of the definition of the movement sometimes called Leftist, Progressive, Liberal or Morlock. In our last episode, we saw that the avowed point of the vast majority swept up in this movement, whether they knew it or not, was to see the world as divided between ‘In’ groups and ‘Out’ groups, and to expand the government and dissolve the social mores, norms, and laws, in order to help the Outs overcome the Ins.

The philosophical roots of this are rarely recited by the movement, and known to only their leadership: it is the theory that the rules, customs, laws and institutions of civilization are corrupt, aimed at the betterment of the Ins and the exploitations of the Outs.

The upshot of Leftist policies, the goal whether intentional or not, is the dissolution of civilization. They are the party of barbarism, even if they are not themselves barbarian. They question is why that is.

Most people in a political movement have no idea what the roots nor the fruits of the movement are.

A group of concerned but economically-illiterate citizens who want to see the poor workingman receive a decent living wage will support a minimum wage law, unaware that this increases unemployment, and unconcerned that it intrudes a Federal power into local or individual affairs. Likewise, there are social conservatives who favor progressive goals or “New Deal” interventions in the economy; and contrariwise there are libertarians on social issues who are conservatives on economic issues (witness, for example, Robert Heinlein, who was the author both of Starship Troopers and Stranger in a Strange Land). And the vast majority of voters merely follow their local interests, the local Good Old Boys network, or vote as their parents voted. They certainly do not seek the dissolution of civilization!

But, as economic policies go, interventionism requires inflationary policies, which promote capital decumulation, which weakens the free market, creates misery, destroys wealth, and makes the common people prey to demagogues and would-be dictators, in addition to emptying the war coffers and destroying the civic spirit and public morale necessary to maintain civilization, decency, order, and law.

Those who think I exaggerate are welcome to examine the condition of Germany between the wars, and note how rapidly that great nation fell from civility and rule of law to barbarism, and note as well the role of intervention and inflation in the downfall. The thread leading from the well intentioned fool who votes for minimum wage laws all the way to the downfall of nations and peoples is long and convoluted as Ariadne’s thread leading through the Labyrinth, but rest assured that this thread is unbroken.

The reason why the rebels against tradition (I am tempted to call them rebels against civilization) have no name is that they do not have in common anything other than their enemy. What they mean to erect in her place once Western civilization is done for, they cannot agree.

On the one hand, some are radically individualist, even to the point of saying, some of them, that every man can decide the nature of reality for himself; on the other, some are radically collectivist, even to the point of saying that the interests of all members of one race, one sex, or who participate in one economic activity are the same; some few urge the collective ownership of all factories and farms; most agree on collective entitlements to goods and services produced or provided by others, such as medical care and savings against retirement.

Despite the powerfully anti-clerical and anti-religious tone of their worldview, many are themselves religious, but regard religion as a private opinion not as a public institution, as if a person can be Catholic but not a nation. Those who are not outright atheists will say they place a very high value on “spirituality” particularly with oriental-sounding or occult or theosophist fads, provided only that the spiritualism places no moral demands on the conscience or on society. I have never heard a person who calls himself “spiritual” say that adultery is bad, for example.

In the current world, the coalition or alliance against civilization has been joined by the Jihad. These violent troglodytes preach all the most conservative imaginable policies, hearkening back to the Seventh Century AD, including Theocracy and Holy War and conversion at swordpoint, including chastity to the point of murdering rape-victims, and piety to the point of killing Jews with suicidal bomb-vests strapped onto their own autistic children.

The Jihadists believe in absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing that the Left believes. And yet, oddly, impossibly, the Left uniformly closes ranks and steps in to defend the Jihadists, and calls anyone who does not love the Jihad a racist.

The Jihadists are not a disposed minority of the West because they do not come from Western civilization at all: they are the heirs of the Umma, which is and always has been the violent, vehement, and devout enemies of Christendom. They have always been an outside invader, not, as the Left portrays all conflicts, a rebellion by the oppressed minority of Outs against the oppressive majority of Ins.

Rebels come from within one’s own land. Invaders come from without. The claims of the Jihadists to be the victims of race prejudice are laughable, if only they were not being taken so seriously and with such damaging effect.

With blithering historical ignorance, most moderns do not even realize that North Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Minor were once Christian lands under the Emperors of Rome then of Constantinople. These Eastern Christians have traditions as old as those of the Catholics, and far older than those of the Protestants, and have suffered martyrdoms and persecutions for over a thousand years, and which have been renewed with vehemence in the modern day, mostly notably and most shamefully in Serbia and Iraq.

Far from being the Outs on the oppressed and dispossessed margins of Christian civilization, it is not the Mohammedan but the Christian who was invaded in these lands, raped, burnt, and left alive as dispossessed and hated underlings and serfs, and not just for decades and centuries, but for over a millennium.

The idea that Oil Sheiks or harem-born heirs of the Turkish Sultans lolling on the divan amid opiate fumes and the glittering wealth gathered from corsairs or the African slave trade would browbeat the Western powers for their racist oppressions is risible.

After the Battle of Lepanto, the emergence of Europe as a predominant seat of world power for a century so overshadowed the Middle-Eastern civilization that, for the first time in history, the conflict receded from the pages of history. The main conflict of the Twentieth Century was between Christendom, the Democracies, and the heresy of socialist Totalitarianism. We were so preoccupied with this civil war between totalitarian Eastern Europe and democratic Western Europe, that the eternal war with the Middle East receded into oblivion.

Now that the heresy of socialism has been soundly defeated in Eastern Europe, this secondary war is moved from the back burner to the front. The remnants of the socialists and the fellow travelers and useful idiots in the West have made, impossibly, an odd alliance with the Jihad, and the Progressives and Secular Humanists and others beholden to the Useful Idiotic Cause have followed suit.

This is not impossible nor odd at all, however, once we see the common thread or common principle behind the lunacy of the Leftist mind. They are not really “for” anything; they are merely against Christ.

You can see that the Left are not “for” what is called women’s rights, or else the Left would be in the forefront of protest against honor killings, genital mutilation, and the wearing of the veil. They would be demanding the vote for women in the Middle East. The Left would applaud rather than condemn flicks like Sex in the City 2, which had a scene where a modern, sexually-liberated demimonde berated the Muslims for their sexual repression, that is, chastity.

The Left are not “for” democracy, or they would be marching and rioting in protest against the totalitarian theocracies and dictatorships in the Middle East, rather than offering themselves as human shields to stop Western bombs.

They are not even “for” homosexual rights, or else they would be in the forefront of protests, not against Mormons who want to keep traditional marriage intact, but against Muslims whose tradition is to penalize sodomy by throwing the victim off a rooftop to a grisly death.

The main reason given, and endlessly repeated, for the alliance with the Jihad against civilization is a high-minded preoccupation with the principle of separation of church and state, or an even higher-minded preoccupation with combating race-hatred.

Since the Jihadists are all Mohammedan, and since, like the Christianity it is copying, the heresy of Mohammed is a universal and impartial religion, the preoccupation with race-hatred is a red herring. Cat Stephens and Cassius Clay are not members of the same race, even though they share the Muslim faith, and since not all Muslims are Jihadists, one would think that the Left would welcome strong and rigorous action against the Jihadists in order to protect Muslims from the violent zealots among them.

But no: every concession and every propaganda victory that can be handed the Jihad in the name of racial amity is awarded them. Race has nothing to do with this, and everyone knows it, including those embarrassingly unselfconscious Leftwingers most vehemently red-faced in screaming about racism. Their screams are about a well-meant and serious as those of the late comedian Sam Kinison.

The lack of resistance to the creeping imposition of Sharia-compliant financial institutions and to Sharia law being allowed, for example, in Great Britain to govern Her Majesty’s subjects, and the dull silence and lack of protest or even comment from the Left makes a mockery of the notion that a concern for the separation of Church and State is of any concern.

The Left are working busily as beavers to remove microscopic crosses from images of Spanish missions on the city seal of Los Angeles, vandalizing crosses on World War One veteran memorials, and tearing down displays of the Ten Commandments in Court Houses, trampling the crucifix, spitting on it, dunking it in urine in the name of fine art; this leaves them with no time to be concerned that courts of law, including bankruptcy courts, and state-owned public institutions, such as Banks now owned by the Federal government, must comply with the rulings of foreign Imams according to the code of Sharia’s rules on usury.

The pattern is clear. The Movement, whatever we call it, favors gay rights when and only when the promotion of those rights harms the Church. If the promotion of those rights irks the Jihad, the Movement is silent, because at the moment the Jihad is a stronger weapon against the Church.

We now approach the answer to the end purpose of the Movement. To be continued in our next.

John C. Wright is a retired attorney and newspaperman who was only once hunted by the police. He is a graduate of St. John College (home of Mortimer Adler’s “Great Books Program). In 2004 he foreswore his lifelong atheism and joined the Roman Catholic Church. He has published over 10 SF novels, including one nominated for a Nebula award, and was described by Publisher’s Weekly as “this fledgling century’s most important new SF talent.” He currently lives in fairytale-like happiness with his wife, the authoress L. Jagi Lamplighter, and their four children.

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