This Girl Died on Operating Table, Still Got Implants

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Well, at least Amy Rickhuss has her priorities in order. After dying on the operating table — her heart stopped and everything — her plastic surgeon went ahead and finished giving her implants. Now that she has recovered, she is overjoyed that her procedure went off without a hitch … other than that whole dying thing, of course.

While some people are questioning what the doctors did and why they continued with the cosmetic surgery even though her heart stopped, Amy Rickhuss holds no grudge. And, honestly, I understand. It would have been worse if she had to have a second surgery to get those plastic boobs inserted into her chest. Now, all she has to do is complete her recovery and she’s ready to rock her new body.

With this good fortune, let’s hope that this babe from Australia poses nude or somehow figures out a way to share her new goods to the world. She should take this controversy as a message from the big man upstairs that her new chest is to die for and needs to be in the spotlight.

In the meantime, while she gets well, let us take time to look at these pictures of her:

Amy Rickhuss













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