Jealous Croatian Model Stabs Twin Sister in the Chest Over a Man

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    A Croatian model is facing attempted murder charges after stabbing her twin sister in a jealous rage over a man. On Saturday night, 22-year-old Sara Grkovic got in an argument with her twin Dajana Grkovic. The argument turned violent when Sara grabbed a kitchen knife and stabbed her sister in the chest, leaving Dajana in critical condition, fighting for her life.

    The twin models lived with their mom in the city of Rijeka. Neighbors and friends said they were always friendly and nice. Those who know the twins are shocked that a love triangle would turn the sisters on each other. Sara Grkovic was arrested on the scene. Dajana suffered deep knife wounds to both her chest and her thigh and is in intensive care.

    Click through the gallery below to see pictures of the beautiful Grkovic twins. Let’s hope that Dajana fully recovers.

    Sara and Dajana Grkovic

    Dajana Grkovic - Stabbed by Her Twin

    Dajana Grkovic

    Sara Grkovic Stabbed Sister

    Twin Turns Violent

    Sara and Dajana Grkovic in Happier Times

    Sara Grkovic Arrested

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