Exclusive Interview With “Living Doll” Victoria Wild

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Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technology. We have the capability to create the world’s first plastic woman. She will be that woman. Better than she was before. Bigger. Boobier. Sexier.

Meet Victoria Wild, the self-described transhumanist “living doll”. Starting as an ordinarily attractive woman, Ms. Wild has undergone a series of surgeries that has transformed her into something that is pushing the boundaries of the human. EveryJoe spoke with Ms. Wild about her radical body modification into what she calls the “Ultimate Bimbo Fuck Doll”.

Victoria Wild

EveryJoe: You were already modeling before you had any procedures. What motivated you to get your first surgery?

Victoria Wild: Yes, I was a model before my procedures, and still am now after them. I was just simple girl who had always dreamed of looking sexy. So I started changing my look with plastic surgeries. In the beginning, I wanted just bigger boobs – a DD cup – but they was still too small! So I wanted another surgery to get bigger.

EJ: What is your motivation now?

VW: I believe in Transhumanism and Futurism. We need to combine technology with the human body. I know that can sound strange, but that is our future. I am going to become perfect. I have in mind the vision of how I want to look. Some people say “sex doll,” but that’s not it. I want be the “Ultimate Bimbo Fuck Doll.” I want to be what men dream of women.

EJ: Other than yourself, who are some women you think have achieved a similar look?

VW: I have never wanted to look like another woman. I am an individual. I am the first living doll. Other girls just want copy Barbie dolls, but they are not sexy.

EJ: Do you believe you’ve accomplished your goal or do you plan more work?

VW: I still want bigger breasts and bigger lips.

EJ: In what ways has your life changed since you transformed yourself?

VW: I’m very happy. My life has changed for the better. I have a lot of attention, not just from people, but also from the media, papers, TV. I’ve reached my first million dollars.

EJ: How have your significant other or significant other(s) or men in general responded to your new look?

VW: I enjoy a lot of attention from men. They adore me, and give me many compliments. I think just last year I got over 100 marriage offers! They say I am the perfect trophy wife. Many men write me letters on social networks and say, “If all women could look like you, men would never cheat on their wives, no one would need strip clubs and escort services, and families would be happy!”

EJ: Do you find that other women treat you differently now with your look?

VW: Girls with small breasts are jealous and hate me. I can understand why: Girls hate sexy-looking women. They feel threatened. But big-breasted girls are very friendly. They know the power of the boobs.

EJ: If you had a daughter and she wanted to follow in your footsteps, would you support her or tell her not?

VW: Yes, I will be a very modern mother. I will support her.

Click through the gallery below to see 12 sexy pictures of Victoria Wild, some of them before she began getting plastic surgery. You also can see more of Ms. Wild on Twitter @victoriawildxxx, on Facebook at facebook.com/victoriawildofficial, and on ModelMayhem at modelmayhem.com/2023502.

Bigger is Better

Victoria Wild - Before Surgery

Ultimate Bimbo Fuck Doll

Sexy Model Victoria Wild

Victoria WIld - Every Man's Dream

Getting Some Sun

Bigger, Bigger, Bigger!

Victoria Wild

Extreme Body Modification

Victoria Wild From Behind

Model Victoria Wild

Victoria Wild - Living Doll

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