5 Reasons Obama is Dead Wrong for Vetoing the Keystone XL Pipeline

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    On Tuesday, President Obama vetoed the bill that would have made the Keystone XL pipeline a reality. While not a huge surprise, this is definitely a low moment in his presidency and proves once again that Obama doesn’t love America.

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    Why is the president dead wrong? Here are the top five reasons:

    Keystone XL would create more than 42,000 jobs. Of course Obama would veto an initiative that would actually spur real job creation (not the dead-end, part-time jobs his policies have created), since he wouldn’t want to accidentally do something to help America. Already, Keystone XL supports over 7,000 jobs across North America. If the project were allowed to finish, more than 42,000 direct and indirect jobs would be created. That’s $2 billion in wages that will be kept out of the hands of hard-working Americans thanks to Obama’s veto.

    Keystone XL would cause gas prices to go down further and stay down. As it stands, we get the vast majority of our crude oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. The Keystone XL pipeline would allow Gulf Coast refineries to receive crude oil from Canada, removing overseas oil from the equation entirely. From here, it’s basic supply and demand: the supply of gasoline would rise, making prices cheaper for the average consumer – even if turmoil erupts in a far-off land.

    Keystone XL would be extremely safe and efficient. Obama’s fringe environmentalist cohorts demonized Keystone XL as if it were going to mean the end of nature itself. “Farmers will have to clean up oil spills! Keystone will contribute to climate change!” they whine, but it’s all hot air. Keystone XL would implement dozens of new safety procedures that would make it the country’s safest pipeline. In the unlikely event that an oil spill were to occur, TransCanada would take full responsibility. As for climate change, the research proves that the impact on global temperatures and greenhouse gasses would be almost negligible.

    Keystone XL would benefit the economy in the counties it crosses and beyond. Every job created by Keystone XL equals wages that can be spent in local economies. Furthermore, the 27 counties that Keystone XL crosses could expect a whopping 10 percent increase in tax revenues, an economic boon whose impact would ripple far beyond their county lines. We’re talking $3.4 billion added to the GDP that wasn’t there before.

    Keystone XL would reduce our dependence on foreign oil. We absolutely cannot continue to put money into the hands of Venezuelan socialists and Middle Eastern terrorist sympathizers just to make the left happy. Contrary to what Obama’s media shills claim, not a single drop of Keystone oil would be sold as an export. It would all go to US refineries to make the goods that we use each and every day.

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