FedEx and UPS are Wrong for Refusing to Ship Legal Gun Mill

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Thu, Feb 26 - 10:00 am EDT | 8 months ago by
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Bleeding heart liberals love to forget that a little thing called “the Constitution” exists. In this document, which just so happens to lay out the framework for the protections we have from the government, the Founding Fathers were clear that Americans have the right to own guns. We also have the right to make our own guns. That’s why the decision made by FedEx and UPS to not ship the Ghost Gunner is a blatantly anti-American move that should raise eyebrows among every proud gun owner.

Ghost Gunner

The Ghost Gunner is a computer-controlled mill that allows the user to upload digital designs and use those designs to make aluminum objects. Defense Distributed, the company manufacturing the Ghost Gunner, has marketed the product toward gun aficionados, and it has enjoyed a vast amount of interest. Preorders opened in October of last year and quickly sold out, and sales are expected to remain strong. However, Defense Distributed now faces a battle with the two largest names in shipping, severely limiting its ability to get the product into the hands of the buyers.

The devil in the details is that FedEx and UPS have no leg to stand on. They claim that they are afraid of the possible legal ramifications of private gunsmithing – but guess what – there are none. This product is completely legal to own.

Plus, nothing other than the marketing of the Ghost Gunner specifically ties it to firearms. You could just as easily make items that have nothing to do with guns. At the end of the day, it’s simply a tool.

Given the facts, it’s easy to see that the leftist shills in charge of these companies are too afraid of angering Obama and his bullies, who are dead set on taking away our guns. That’s the only reason that FedEx and UPS would make such a ridiculous special case for a product that violates absolutely no federal laws. To the boneheaded officials in charge of this farce: Ship the product and stop playing politics.

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