The Tyranny of Reputation Management

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Anti Social Justice - The Tyranny of Reputation Management

Redefining Value in an Age of Forced Kindness

The issue of value is a strange one. According to René Guénon, our modern society facilitates a complete reversal of what value used to mean. Weakness is now considered to be strength, and strength is now considered to be weakness. Achievements and accomplishments often are not rewarded financially, but social passivity can make you a millionaire.

This is just another battle for civilization. Those who I refer to as the “domesticated house pets” are working to force the “wild animals” (those of us who simply want to roam free) to leave the jungle. They use the State as an apparatus to enact their witch trials upon anyone who has declared the emperor naked. Their fear of anything “problematic” has caused war upon war upon war, yet they somehow claim the wild animals are the problem.

Aligning those-damn-evil-racists with people who have mental health problems, anyone who makes these domesticated house pets look bad is put on trial, and it’s easier to make these baselines look bad than it is to find a yoga center in Portland. Whether you are walking around a university with a copy of a Houellebecq novel, or expressing radical ideas that are considered to be a little bit too “out there” (AKA crazy), you’re suddenly labeled a thought-criminal or behavioral criminal. Whether you said the wrong thing or acted in the wrong way, you upset the tamer aspects’ civilization.

Should we be genuinely scared of these innocent little creatures? After all, they are only domesticated house pets who are frightened by our primal nature, right?

The tyranny of reputation management is, unfortunately, quite scary. I don’t want to give it that much credit, but we need to face some realtalk. These reverse values have turned capitalism utterly and completely upside down. There is no value in this public image farce. We’re talking about engineered “value statements” that make companies appear pseudo-progressive to the point of absurdity, and social hierarchies based on who can be the most subservient “world changer” for the Obamanation.

People complain about capitalism this and that, but capitalism itself is based on value. Our monetary system is not. This is not capitalism. If someone had a cure for AIDS tomorrow, this person might be forced to go through a screening process in order to release the cure to the media.

“Do they have any unacceptable viewpoints that would make us look bad in public?”

“Do they act strange in front of a large audience?”

If the person were found guilty of being “reputation-naughty”, the cure for AIDS might never get released. If it did manage to get released, the person who found the cure would probably be paid off in exchange for staying out of the limelight. This is an exaggeration, but only a small one. If someone doesn’t come off well, the quality of their work is immediately devalued, no matter how great their accomplishment.

It makes little sense to declare that things which contain no value are valuable, simply because people are stupid enough to pay for them. Nobody can tell you how any of this public image gaming contains anything worth funding. There is literally no product being released in the sphere of reputation management. There is no service being offered. There are only gossip, deplorable standards based on agreeability, and mindless worship of submission (not the kinky type).

Here is the common critique I get when I bring up that we are not actually living under capitalism:

“We currently value social appearance over achievement. That is capitalism now, isn’t it?”

To which I say:

”Yes, but social appearance contains no value.”

Herein lies the paradox. How can we say we are living in capitalism when our monetary exchange system is based on traits that have no inherent worth? While passive conformity may be worthy to your average brainwashed Progressive, it is worth nothing in terms of value. It adds nothing to our society or the individuals that inhabit it. It advances nobody. It is, in fact, the ultimate facade. Reputation management is the Santa Claus of economics.

Yet people continue to pay for this foolish PR circus. They hire unskilled workers to “treat others with kindness,” as skilled workers are shown the door for their freedom of speech. Lives are being ruined because of these domesticated pets, yet the wild animals are supposed to be the lords of shit? How did we even get here?

As the late John Balance of the dark ambient project Coil once sung, everything is backwards. The question is, can we reverse this “death of the best”? Can we change these anemic values that our society holds so dear, replacing them with values that contain authentic worth? Can we return to true capitalism once again, and walk away from this form of socialized capitalism? Can we create a new market that is devoid of forced kindness, and replace it with a market that asserts legitimate kindness and concrete value?

I asked some of my readers what they considered to be valuable, and here were some of their responses: family, honor, loyalty, faith, freedom, wealth, interesting experiences, liberty, equality, solidarity, the individual mind, creativity, science, engineering, and art. Ranging from Catholic Nationalists to Far Left Anarchists; they shared a common desire to change our current market and replace it with something better.

The market is always fluctuating. It is not a static entity, as many people seem to believe. What is valuable one day might not be valuable the next. Passive conformity wasn’t always considered to be valuable, nor was whatever the hell this type of thing is about. (What an ugly dress!) For much of European history, being a philosopher or an artist was an occupation of high worth. These people were paid far-far-far-far-far more than your typical PR manager, or whatever those scum are calling themselves now. (The Reputation of Things?)

To redefine value, people must stop paying for services that are worth nothing. Those reputation tyrants wants you to believe that you should pay others to make you look good for those domesticated pets. Yet why should you sacrifice yourself on the altar of their sickening hypocrisy? Are you not a wild animal with something far greater to pursue?

The jungle has no room for forced kindness, so we must not pretend to be domesticated pets any longer. We must be able to think about the future, understanding the long-term perspective of markets and their infinite possibilities. Since we oppose this current market, we must change it ourselves. Anything else would be defeat.

We don’t have to accept “death of the best.” Weakness can be thrown out of the jungle once again. You don’t need to sit there and attempt to appease the people who think you’re insane-for-your-thoughts. These reputation dictators are worthless, and it’s time for them to meet their downfall.

Franklin D. Roosevelt would have approved.

Rachel Haywire is an author and event producer who has been a model, electronic musician, and tech journalist. She currently runs the subversive political magazine You can follow her on Twitter at @RachelHaywire.

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