Stripper Impaled by a Pole Ready to Turn Her Life Around

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Early in March, a Cedar Rapids woman, Kelsey Cummings, was driving home when her car slid on the ice and crashed. At first, she didn’t know what had happened but she soon realized he had been impaled by a gate pole. The 27-year-old mom of three was pinned in the car — unable to reach her cell phone to call for help.

It took some creativity, a lot of pain and about an hour for Cummings to reach her phone to call her boyfriend and 911, and then another couple hours for rescuers to cut her from the vehicle.

The galvanized pipe, about 2-inches in diameter, passed through the front grill, radiator and battery of the car before impaling Cummings. It was surgically removed at the hospital. Fortunately, the pole missed major arteries but it did significant damage to her right hip and pelvis. The nerve damage has left her right leg paralyzed. Now, Cummings has a long road ahead of her with rehabilitation.

There’s more to the story, as told to The Des Moines Register. Cummings was a stripper and the late nights often kept her away from her partner and her three young kids. The accident has made her want to change her life.

“I want to spend time with my kids, maybe work from home, be like a soccer mom, you know? I guess the life I used to have was kind of wild and unstable. Now I just want to be there for my kids. I hug everyone a lot more because I almost lost them,” she told the publication.

“It happened for a reason, a lesson to learn in life to slow down. So now I gotta start from scratch. I got to rely on my family to help me get through this. I just want to be there for them when I get better.”

Let’s hope that Cummings can recover physically from the accident and get on with her life, raising her three boys — ages 7, 5 and five months. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to help the woman with her medical bills.

Click through the gallery below to see pictures of the Iowa mom impaled by a pole.

Kelsey Cummings

Iowa Mom Impaled by Pole

Accident Rocks Iowa Family

Mom Was Trapped in Her Car, Impaled by Pole

Iowa Woman Was a Stripper Before the Accident

Kelsey Cummings With Her Baby

Woman Has a Long Road of Rehab Ahead of Her

Impaled in a Car Accident

Iowa Woman Was a Stripper Before the Accident

GoFundMe Account Set Up

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