Was This Decorated War Veteran Punched by Sheriff’s Deputy While Pregnant?

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A video has emerged that reportedly shows a Texas sheriff’s deputy hitting a woman who is nine months pregnant. The woman, Deanna Robinson-Katsuki, was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, assault on a public servant, and interference with child custody.

The footage appears to show a Hunt County Sheriff’s deputy hitting Robinson — who was 38 weeks pregnant at the time — at least once, and another officer pushing the woman into a kitchen counter. Robinson is an Air Force veteran who received the Airman’s Medal, after helping drag several soldiers from a burning plane in Iraq.

CPS officials had accompanied the sheriff’s deputies to Robinson’s parents’ home to remove her 18-month-old son. According to Robinson, she and her husband had an argument in her home, and her 9-year-old stepson (who has cerebral palsy) told his teacher about the incident, who in turn called CPS.

On March 3, CPS removed her three stepchildren from her home, then they arrived at her parents’ home to talk to Robinson about the incident and to check up on the well-being of her toddler.

Robinson says that when CPS workers arrived with the deputies, they were actually there to remove her son from her custody… that’s when the confrontation occurred.

“He said, ‘We’re here to remove your son,’” Robinson recalled. “I said, ‘Nobody is touching my kid without a court order or a warrant.’”

This story is still developing and the deputy involved is currently under investigation. Currently, Robinson’s toddler and her step children are in temporary CPS custody, while her baby (that was born after the incident) is in the care of her parents.

Click through the gallery below to see photos of Deanna Robinson and the alleged injuries she sustained.

Deanna Robinson

Source: NBC DFW

Deanna Robinson Mugshot

Source: Hunt County Sheriff's Department

Decorate Air Force Veteran

Source: NBC DFW

Deanne Robinson's Knee

Source: Facebook

Stomach Injuries

Source: Facebook

Thigh Injuries

Source: Facebook
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