Is Grayson Allen an NBA Draft Prospect?

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Tue, Apr 7 - 10:15 am EDT | 1 year ago by
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The hero for Duke in the national title game turned out to be freshman Grayson Allen. The school won its fifth championship in large part to his one-man run in the second half.

Now everyone wants to talks about his NBA potential.

First of all, that talk is premature. Unlike the other freshman stars on Duke, Grayson Allen isn’t going to make the jump to the NBA. Despite his big game against Wisconsin, he’s just not ready to make the leap.

During the season, he averaged less than 10 minutes per game. And while he showed flashes of potential, he has a lot of work to do.

Eventually, he should be drafted by an NBA team — but likely after his junior or maybe even senior year.

Although he is an elite athlete, he does have some flaws. He’s only about 6-foot-5 in shoes, which makes him short for a shooting guard. Right now, he doesn’t have the ability to play point guard — so he’s a classic tweener.

Given his athleticism and the fact that he has already proven to rise to the occasion, don’t be surprised to see Grayson Allen in the NBA one day. It’s just not going to be this year or even next year, most likely.

Oh, and if you want to see his athleticism in action, check this out:

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