Why is Rand Paul Not Talking to Teens at Gas Stations?

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Mon, Apr 13 - 1:56 pm EST | 10 months ago by
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CNN reported breaking news today that Hillary Clinton, the current and only Democrat in the running for President, condescended to speak to the citizenry by talking to a 19-year-old constituent at a local Pennsylvania gas station.

Hillary Clinton Talks at Gas Station

I would personally like to thank CNN, not only for their willingness to report important issues that no one else has the guts to, but also for shining a light on underplayed, and oft overlooked issue that plagues today’s American culture. Inspired by CNN, I am obligated to ask this question:

Why is Rand Paul not talking to random teens at gas stations?

Rand Paul is reportedly ahead of Hillary Clinton in states such as New Hampshire and Colorado, but can he hold on to that lead against an unstoppable corner store court-holding Clinton machine? What does it say about a candidate that has not, and dare I say, refuses to garner wisdom exclusive to teenagers who had bought their third Monster energy drink of the day?

While in the past I have made my preference for Rand Paul to be our nation’s leader clear, I am now having severe doubts. Paul’s inability so far to tell his limo driver to stop, crack his tinted window just enough, and beckon a passing teen to discuss this nation’s pressing issues shows a lack of character and care for American citizens that cannot be overlooked. This is not indicative of a candidate of the people, and for the people.

It’s in the best interest of the Paul campaign to arrange meetings, perhaps, at the local Chuck E. Cheese ball pit to discuss immigration with America’s toddlers. He should show a willingness to meet up behind the Target, near the dumpsters, where 14-year-old Brad Jennings just scored cigarettes from his older brother Steve, to discuss America’s convoluted tax system.

Until Rand Paul is willing to get his pant suit a little dirty and talk with teens at pump 4 at the Stop n’ Go, I cannot be convinced that he is the President for me, or the United States of America.

Thank you CNN, and thank you Hillary Clinton.

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