Awesome Way Young Students Dealt with a School Bus Bully

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There are many schools of thought when it comes to how children should deal with their bullies. Some parents would encourage their kids to fight back; others might want to get school administrators involved; a few might even approach the bully themselves. A pair of siblings came up with a clever way to thwart their bully with the help of their father, one that involved nothing more than a Bible and some kind words.

Vaughaligan Walwyn, a pastor and part-time rapper from Houston, was frustrated to hear that his daughter, 8-year-old Phoenix, and son, 7-year-old Kingston, were being bullied by a kid on the bus. According to his kids, the bully continuously called them names and made fun of them, and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it.

Phoenix and Kingston
Source: KHOU-TV

Seeing how upset the bully made his kids, Walwyn decided to intervene. He and his wife contacted the school and explained the situation, a move that created only a temporary respite from the torment. Meanwhile, Phoenix and Kingston were at the mercy of the ruthless bully. “It made me feel like I just wanted to yell at him,” Phoenix said to KHOU-TV.

Walwyn finally decided to put the matter into the hands of a higher power. “I prayed about it and God said, ‘You know what? Let’s get this kid a Bible, tell him Jesus loves him and invite him to church,’” he said. While his kids were initially skeptical, Walwyn assured them that the Lord would handle their problem better than any school administrator could.

A post Walwyn made on Facebook describes the heartwarming results. “The kid ended up apologizing to my kids for how he had been treating them. Boy it’s something about operating in the love of Christ that gets the job done,” he posted, garnering hundreds of likes and dozens of supportive comments. As for Phoenix and Kingston, they are relieved to have the nightmare behind them and glad to have potentially turned the bully into a new friend.

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