Drunk Woman Runs Over and Kills Her Husband But Hasn’t Been Arrested

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    An Oklahoma woman ran over her husband with her car after a fight. The wife and mom of two — Whitney Gonzales — reportedly smelled of alcohol at the scene. But as of yet, she has not been arrested for the death of her husband, 24-year-old Pete Gonzales.

    The Chickasha couple were arguing while visiting her mother’s home. Pete decided to walk away from the argument but his wife came look for him in her vehicle. The man was walking along the interstate near Carnegie at 4 a.m. when his wife slammed into him with her car and ran him over. Mr. Gonzales died at the scene.

    Whitney Gonzales was given a blood test, but it could take up to six weeks to get the results back. So in the meantime, she’s a free woman and Pete Gonzales’s family isn’t happy about it. They are looking for answers and say that Whitney had a history of abusing her husband.

    The husband and wife have two young daughters who are living with their grandmother as the investigation goes on.

    If the genders in this situation were reversed, I’d imagine something very different would be happening. A drunk man with an abusive past chasing down and running over his young wife after an argument? He’d probably be in jail without bail. Let’s hope that Pete Gonzales’s family can find justice.

    Click through the gallery below to see pictures of the couple.

    Pete and Whitney Gonzales

    Whitney Gonzales

    Wife Runs Over Husband

    Whitney and Pete Gonzales

    Did She Intentionally Run Over Her Husband?

    Tragedy in Oklahoma

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