Diversity Officer Who Tweeted “Kill All White Men” Will Keep Her Position

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This is Bahar Mustafa…


Mustafa is the “diversity officer” at Goldsmiths University in London, and if you got through that entire video you saw her defending herself for allegations of racism and sexism after she banned white men from attending an anti-racism event for the crime of being born white men.

Her reasoning? She can’t be racist or sexist because she’s a minority, and minorities cannot be racist or sexist, as you can only be one or both if you’re in a position of power or privilege. It’s a reasoning seen from the social justice movement that allows individuals to be as bigoted as they please, so long as they belong to a specific minority group, such as women, any color other than white, and any gender other than “cis” (which is social justice speak for “identifying as the sex you were born as”).

This is the same reasoning Mustafa used in her defense when she allegedly took to Twitter and created the hashtag “#KillAllWhiteMen.” I say allegedly because she deleted it as soon as the story started to break. Here is the alleged screenshot.


But I can believe she did it because she tweets things like this:

Bahar Mustafa

and takes pictures like this…


As you can see her racism and sexism is displayed not just clearly by Mustafa herself, but also proudly. She hides behind an intangible barrier of self-described victimization that has been used by progressives in the past to silence dissent. It’s a barrier that many students tried to to get through, but ultimately served to protect her.

Students, understandably upset at this bigotry from their college’s diversity officer, attempted to have Mustafa relieved of her position and her degree revoked due to a vote of no confidence via an online petition, but unfortunately only received 165 signatures.

Mustafa gets to keep her position as diversity officer.

The college said they are “looking to address those concerns” despite the failed petition, but a university that allows this kind of hate in its officers, regardless of any signatures, is likely not to be trusted by many.

What is worrisome is that Mustafa’s overt racism and sexism isn’t limited to her, or to her college. As I discussed in my previous column, bigotry is now a social justice norm, but it’s passed off as pushing against a “system” that oppresses minorities daily.

It results in more than just racist tweets and sexist Facebook posts. It has proven in the past to ruin lives. The social justice mentality is responsible for the Rolling Stone Rape Hoax that damaged the lives of innocent young men. It’s a mentality that prompted sociology professor Saida Grundy at Boston University to tell a white girl who had allegedly been raped that she needed to “go cry somewhere,” and mentioned her “#whitegirltears.”

There’s a serious danger within the social justice mentality that is now permeating our college campuses, and has attempted to make forays into our public elementary and high schools. What happens if this kind of bigotry is allowed to fester unopposed? What happens when this becomes an acceptable norm? What happens when your children are taught this kind of hate?

A friend of mine once mentioned that you could replace words like “men” or “white” or “cis” with “Jews” and get a pretty good idea as to what kind of mentality we’re dealing with. It’s a sobering reminder that this kind of thinking has been tried before, and when it caught on, it resulted in more than just a failed petition.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Brandon Morse has been writing about politics and culture across many websites for the last six years, with a heavy emphasis on anti-authoritarianism. Aside from writing articles, he is also known for voice acting and authoring scripts. He is an avid gamer, dog person, and has a bad habit of making vague references to things no one has heard about or seen. Follow him at @TheBrandonMorse on Twitter.

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