John Kerry Breaks Leg in Bike Crash

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Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Geneva, Switzerland in order to advance talks on the nuclear deal with Iran. However, Kerry’s trip hit an unexpected bump in the road yesterday when the former vice presidential candidate got into an accident while riding his bike. He is expected to recover fully and should return to his hometown of Boston by today at the earliest.

According to State Department spokesman John Kirby, the accident was not serious enough for Kerry to lose consciousness. He has been in contact with several officials concerning his health, including President Obama, and is reportedly taking the accident well. Kerry had planned to return to Boston yesterday but his doctors advised him to remain at the HUG hospital in Geneva.

Kerry Rides Bike
Kerry riding his bike in Boston back in 2004 – Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Kerry was apparently traveling with his motorcade near the Swiss border when his bike hit a curb, throwing him to the ground. He was immediately examined by both a paramedic and a physician, who recommended that he go to the hospital. An X-ray confirmed that Kerry had fractured his right femur.

Kerry’s injury will preclude him from participating in several important meetings. According to the Associated Press, “Kerry had planned to travel later Sunday to Madrid for meetings with Spain’s king and prime minister, before spending two days in Paris for an international conference on combating the Islamic State group.”

Throughout the prolonged nuclear talks with Iran, Kerry was known to use any free time to ride his bicycle through the Swiss countryside. On the day of the accident, Kerry had been riding the bike that he travels with, following a route that had been charted for the Tour de France. Kerry has long held cycling as his favorite hobby: during his 2004 presidential campaign, Kerry had his staffers ensure that each hotel room he stayed in contained a stationary bike.

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