Theist vs Atheist: What Should You Believe?

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This week, we are beginning a new series of articles on EveryJoe — Theist vs Atheist. Two of our columnists, John C. Wright and Stephen Hicks will be debating key issues in religion.

Theist vs. AtheistThe series opens on Thursday with Mr. Hicks answering the question, “Is Religion Worth Arguing About?” Mr. Wright’s article on the same topic will be published on Friday.

Then, look for new installments in the series each Friday as the writers tackle a number of questions relating to religion including:

  • Are Reason and Faith Compatible?
  • Can the Existence of God be Proven or At Least Be Made a Reasonable Hypothesis?
  • Is Religion Necessary for Personal Morality?
  • Does the Meaning of Life Depend on There Being an Afterlife?
  • Is Religion Good or Bad for Politics?
  • On Balance, Has Religion Been Good or Bad for Humanity?
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