Job Seeker Says GoDaddy Rejected Him for Being a Fat Christian

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Arizona resident Keith Connolly felt confident that he would get a job as a developer with internet giant GoDaddy. He sailed through two phone interviews, two Skype interviews and an in-person Q&A at the company’s Scottsdale headquarters. His credentials were solid, and he demonstrated more than enough know-how. So why wasn’t he hired? According to Connolly, GoDaddy turned him down because he is, in their own words, “an obeese (sic) christian.”

Keith Connolly - Fat Christian
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Connolly received a fairly standard rejection email from GoDaddy. “We have reviewed your qualifications against the job requirements for our Mobile IOS Developer position and decided there is not a strong enough match to move forward at this time,” the email read.

However, a forwarded message below the rejection included, “about keith he’s great for the job in skills but he looks worse for wear do we really want an obeese (sic) christian? is that what our new image requires of us?” Apparently, an internal email somehow got sent to Connolly along with his rejection letter.

At first, Connolly was simply ashamed to receive such a harsh message – so ashamed that he did not tell anyone about it for over a year. Eventually, he confided to a friend, attorney Casey Yontz, why he was rejected, and Yontz was taken aback.

“This is one of the most egregious emails I’ve seen in my career,” Yontz said. “To think they would have the audacity to think that it’s OK to write a thought like that in an email says a lot about what is going on over there.” Yontz encouraged Connolly to take legal action, even though the statute of limitations had long since expired.

According to Yontz, his friend merely wants GoDaddy to issue an apology. The company, however, has not taken the accusations lightly. “GoDaddy intends to vigorously defend itself against these false allegations, including pursuing legal action for fabricating this claim,” wrote GoDaddy spokesperson Dan Race in an email to Fox News. “We believe the allegations are completely without merit and unequivocally deny them.”

Yontz sees the issue as something bigger than a failed job application. “It feels like there is this battle that Christianity is facing right now,” he said. “It feels like we’re on the ropes, and seeing this email confirms that – the fact that it was written so freely. This type of discrimination – it’s becoming the norm.”

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