Dear George Takei

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    “He is a clown in blackface sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry. He doesn’t belong there. And for him to say, slaves have dignity. I mean, doesn’t he know that slaves were in chains? That they were whipped on the back. If he saw the movie 12 Years a Slave, you know, they were raped. And he says they had dignity as slaves or – my parents lost everything that they worked for, in the middle of their lives, in their 30s. His business, my father’s business, our home, our freedom and we’re supposed to call that dignified? Marched out of our homes at gun point. I mean, this man does not belong on the Supreme Court. He is an embarrassment. He is a disgrace to America.”
    ~ Actor George Takei on Justice Clarence Thomas

    Kiraspondence - George Takei on Clarence Thomas

    Dear George Takei:

    I’ve been a fan of yours basically since I started forming memories. I’m a Star Trek baby, raised on the adventures of Captain Kirk and his diverse band of space explorers. Later on I came to respect you even more as a funny, Hollywood personally with a wicked sense of humor and self-deprecation. Your Facebook page garners millions of fans for a reason. You’re funny and irreverent and even though some of your posts venture into politics, you’ve always at least seemed open-minded enough to respect that some of your fans may hold different views than yourself. I’ve even seen you post gentle jokes at the expense of your favored Democrats (much to the distaste of some of your less humorous followers).

    I say all this because I want you to know that like any celebrity who does their job right, you feel like a friend and so I am going to address you as a friend.

    Your recent remarks about Judge Clarence Thomas are way out of line. Grossly out of line. If you were guiding the Enterprise into the dock station of the Death Star on your way to a meeting with Dr. Who you could not be more out of line than what you said about the only black sitting Supreme Court Justice.

    I understand that you disagree with his dissent on the recent gay marriage ruling. Rather than taking up more space in this column I’ll just include a link here in case anyone wants to read the remarks directly. To summarize, Justice Thomas commented that human dignity is an endowment of the Creator and not government, per our Constitution. This is the exact reason our Founding Fathers were deliberate about explaining that rights only come from a Creator. This means the Creator is the only one who can remove those rights. This was Thomas’ point and it’s quite brilliant and historically accurate.

    George, did you seriously have to call a man who is only the second black Supreme Court Justice in history a “clown in blackface?” Like I said, your comments were way out of line for a number of reasons.

    First, you’re delusional if you think a Supreme Court Justice (who is also black) doesn’t understand the history of slavery. It’s even worse if you think he could only properly understand the history of slavery by watching a Hollywood movie. Do you honestly think that a man who was born into poverty in one of the most racist environments of his time and worked his way up from nothing to college to Yale to the highest court in the land is so stupid that he doesn’t have a proper understanding of the history of slavery? The very idea that a man who’s greatest professional achievement involves pushing fake levers on a fake space ship would think he knows more about American history and the constitution than a Supreme Court Justice….any Supreme Court Justice…is laughable at best, grossly offensive at worst.

    Your characterization of Justice Thomas as a “clown” borders on bigotry. Your very narrow definition of black intelligence is frightening and sad. This black man doesn’t say the “right things” and he’s tap dancer in blackface? Child, please!

    Had you taken the time to look beyond your own anger surrounding the issue of gay marriage in the first place you would have seen that Justice Thomas’ dissent was both brilliant and reflective of a man who takes seriously the dignity of every human being.

    You hold up your parents as an example of why you so vehemently resent his opinion. You say you were marched out of your home at “gun point.” George, do you know who was at the other end of that gun? THE GOVERNMENT! Their horrific actions towards people like your parents were done in direct violation of the Constitution. That government believed it was up the them (and not the Creator) to decide who received dignity and who did not – just like they did during slavery. Slavery was only fully vanquished when good men stood up to insist our government observe the Constitution. Knowing our own government denied your parents and others like them the dignity of humanity, don’t you think it a safe strategy to keep that type of power from their hands?

    That was Thomas’ point. He wasn’t making a moral judgment about gay marriage, he was making a legally-rooted judgment on the dangers of government getting into the business of declaring what dignifies a human being and what does not. Had his dissent been a majority opinion the only result would have been that you as a voter would be called upon to join other voters in making decisions about gay marriage on your own in your own states.

    You’re so short-sighted you don’t realize that Justice Thomas was opining in favor of the very protections your parents were denied because the government took over the job of bestowing rights. Just…like…during…slavery.

    Get your head out of your ass and apologize to a man who may not hold all your same social sensibilities (which you probably don’t really know much about, I reckon) but does strongly believe in your right to define who you are outside of government approval or intervention. Your disgusting name-calling is shameful and embarrassing to your fans. You might as well just go ahead and call him a n***er. You pretty much just did.

    You’re an actor. I’m also an actor by trade, and you and I both know all too well you’ve sold yourself and your principles out on numerous occasions for the sake of a paycheck or an audition or even just a meal with the “right people.” If I had to label one of the two of you as a clown it would most certainly be you and not a man who sits on the highest court in the land.

    I’ll repeat myself. If you give this government the power to endow you with rights, you also give them the power to remove those rights; and if you give this particular government that power you’re also giving it to all future governments. Who was our scariest President in your eyes, George? George W. Bush? Reagan? Someday we’ll have another one of those guys in office and his cohorts in Congress. Are you willing to risk them having the same power you seem to think this particular administration should hold?

    I’m still a fan, but you’re an asshole to say what you said. It was wrong and tasteless and worst of all – terribly ignorant. You should not only apologize to Justice Thomas but thank him for having the stones to stand up to the same type of power that allowed for the internment of your parents.

    Love and Kisses,



    Kira Davis is a writer, video blogger and homeschool mother of two. She has interviewed President Obama and appeared on Fox News, The BlazeTV and the Dr. Phil Show. Kira is a dog person but she owns a cat anyway. You can find her on Twitter @RealKiraDavis.

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