Hideous Scene in Cincinnati Where People Laugh at Unconscious Man

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Tue, Jul 7 - 8:06 am EDT | 10 months ago by
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In one of the most despicable scenes you will ever see, an unconscious man in Cincinnati was filmed while the group of people around him laughed and celebrated. It turned out that the bloody man was a tourist from Indiana named Christopher McKnight. Thankfully, he survived this ordeal, although he was diagnosed with a concussion and various facial injuries including a broken nose.

It’s not known exactly what happened before the start of the video but it appears as if the white victim got into some sort of altercation with a group of black teenager. In fact, a Cincinnati police captain at first called the incident as being motivated by “anti-white” sentiment. However, the police department has since backed down from that claim.

Let us hope that the perpetrators and all those who stood around doing nothing are brought to justice. This was disgusting.

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