Does Donald Trump Own a Gun? NBC Reporter Tries to Find Out

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    An interview for NBC gave Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump the opportunity to clarify his stance on a variety of important issues, but when the topic turned to guns, things got surprisingly tense. Reporter Katy Tur wanted the business magnate to confirm whether he owns a gun that he uses regularly, but Trump – visibly annoyed by the question – wasn’t having it.

    During the interview, which aired on Wednesday, Tur asked Trump how he plans to solve gun violence in the country. He acknowledged that “you have a lot of people that are killed by guns, but I’m a big Second Amendment person.” Trump referred to the June prison break at New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility as an event that prompted people who had been opposed to gun ownership to arm themselves.

    Tur then asked Trump’s opinion on the people who use guns to carry out killing sprees at churches and schools. “They’re sick people, these are very, very sick people,” he said. Tur suggested that Trump should be more concerned with potential mass murderers than illegal immigrants. Trump replied that he’s “concerned about everything,” including poor trade deals with China, Japan, and Mexico – “the new China,” according to Trump.

    The topic then shifted to Trump’s personal relationship with guns.

    “You’re for the Second Amendment… Do you have a gun?” Tur asked.

    “I have a license to have a gun, yes I do.” Trump said.

    “Do you have a gun?” Tur asked, to which he replied affirmatively. “Do you use it?” she pursued. “Gun range?”

    “That’s none of your business. It’s really none of your business. I have a license to own a gun,” he answered, clearly miffed by Tur’s insistence.

    “What about stronger background checks? Is there any steps you would take to make it harder to get a gun in this country?” the reporter questioned.

    “The problem is once you get into that, you start getting into a situation – a slippery slope – where all of the sudden you’re going to violate the Second Amendment. I don’t want to violate the Second Amendment. To me, it’s very important,” Trump answered.

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