Here’s the Real Name of Gawker’s Secret Source

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    Previously, we told you about the true identity of “Ryan” from Gawker’s article on David Geithner. Now we know his real name: Leif Derek Truitt. Don’t believe me? Here’s all the proof you will need.

    (You can see pictures of him in the album below. At the end, we’ve included a video of him at work. Please be warned that the content is unsafe for the workplace.)

    As you know if you read the Gawker piece, Leif Derek Truitt works as a porn star. He has been featured in a number of films and is considered an up-and-coming actor. He also sells his services for extra income — which is why it’s alleged that David Geithner was interested in meeting him.

    Did “Ryan” commit blackmail? Could he go to jail? Will Gawker get sued yet again? These are questions that we will answer in the coming days. Check back often for more!

    In the meantime, here’s the album that was promised. Hit the right arrow to view everything:

    Leif Derek Truitt









    Click here to see the tape!



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