Two Boys Hospitalized With Severe Sunburn After Day Care Skips the Sunscreen

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It seems like common sense to apply sunscreen to children if you are going to spend the day at a splash park, but apparently not to some Oklahoma day care workers. Two young boys are hospitalized after their mother says the day care neglected the kids at the water park.

When Shaunna Broadway picked up her two sons – Connor (7) and Trey (5) – from day care on Friday, they were crying because of painful sunburn blisters on their backs and shoulders. Though the heat index was near 110 degrees in Vinita, Okla., the employees at Happiness Is Learning Center didn’t bother to bring or apply sunscreen to the boys.

“I got off work at 5 p.m. and went to pick them up, and they were clearly burned,” their mother told BuzzFeed. “(The employees) were actually making fun of my older son, because both boys got sunburns but he was being a ‘baby’ and crying about it.”

The brothers were taken to three local hospitals for treatment as their symptoms grew worse and worse, and eventually they were flown to Shiners Hospital for Children in Galveston, Texas for third-degree burns.

“There is an active investigation, and we’re looking into criminal charges right now,” Bobby Floyd, Jr., the Chief of Police, told CBS News. “We’re looking at neglect and possibly child abuse.” He said charges could be filed some time this week.

The family filed a report with the police on Sunday and a local TV station has reported that the day care has been cited 19 times for various infractions by the state Department of Human Services in the last year, mainly for staffing, signage and scheduling issues.

You might be thinking that it’s the parents’ responsibility to apply sunscreen to their kids, but this appears to be a case of neglect on the part of the day care.

Click through the gallery below to see photos of the children’s injuries. Just be warned that the images are GRAPHIC. A GoFundMe has been set up to assist the family.

Oklahoma Boys Suffer Severe Sunburn

Extreme Sunburn Blisters

Boys are Being Treated in Texas Hospital

Mother Shaunna Broadway and Sons

Images: Facebook | GoFundMe

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