Man Behind the Planned Parenthood Investigation Says Videos “Get Worse”

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Thu, Jul 30 - 12:32 am EDT | 10 months ago by
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On Wednesday, Dana Loesch interviewed The Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden on her program on BlazeTV. Loesch talks with Daleiden about the three-year long investigation of Planned Parenthood and the undercover videos.

In the interview Daleiden disclosed that about a dozen videos will be released, paced at about one a week. When Dana asks if the videos get worse.

Daleiden reveals: “I’m sad to say, it does get worse, Dana.”

Daleiden also discusses the Houston clinic, which — as discovered Wednesday in a Texas senate committee hearing — makes $120k a month from the harvesting of aborted infant body parts. He said the location is a six-story tall abortion clinic that has been selling parts for over 10 years.

Watch as David Daleiden, project lead for The Center for Medical Progress and maker of Planned Parenthood undercover videos joins Dana.


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